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  1. EP35-DS3R Tips

    Excellent post poofyhairguy! Thanks so much for this. I have gotten SL to install via the boot cd and with the provided kext's and the dsdt file without GFX info. I then used OSXTools to set the gfx string for my 8800GTX. Two issues that I have: - Sleep is not working for me. My box goes to sleep (seemingly at least), but doesn't react to keyboard & mouse input once asleep, and when I wake it by pressing the power button the system restarts. Curious thing here is that I have an Apple Cinema display, and the LED indicator actually pulses when the PC is sleeping AND when it was shut down. On a real mac it would only pulse when the machine is sleeping. - I still have a graphics issue that I had with every build and every release: Performance in things like Quicklook is very choppy and when starting Frontrow the screen doesn't transition to black as it would on a mac, but just goes black instantaneously. I think all this is indicative that my graphics performance isn't what it should be. Any advise on any of these two issues would be much appreciated! Also: When installing, did you just use the boot cd provided by blackosx (for the EP45-DS3L) or build your own? I build my own with the provided kext's, so maybe that is the problem??? Cheers, Alex
  2. You are misreading the article. The mac version only has 1 GB, but is more expensive then the 2 GB PC version, so this is not so reasonable after all. What I want to know is: Could we flash a PC 285 with the mac firmware so that we can use the EVGA mac drivers on our hackintosh's?
  3. Hi, I am grinding away on an graphics SW issue, but can't seem to solve it, so I thought I ask for help. The Problem(s): - Using the Mac OS screen calibrator makes no difference. None of the sliders have any effect. - I downloaded the program "Shades" (http://www.charcoaldesign.co.uk/shades) to adjust my display brightness, but none of the settings have any effect. - Possibly related: I get no transition effect when switching to FrontRow. I know from my Macbook Pro that there is an effect there. - Possibly related: Whenever I get a status bar moving along, the graphics performance gets jerky, for example when viewing the magnification feature in the dock. My System: My system is running perfectly otherwise. According to the graphics info in "About this Mac" everything is enabled and running fine. I am using EFI_9 with GFX strings for my card. Core image is HW accelerated, QE and QGL are enabled. I get a geek bench score of ~5300, and a X-Bench score of ~250 without the disc test and can run games such as Toca 3 at max settings without a hitch. What's going on here? Any ideas?
  4. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    For people with a Gigabyte P35C-DS3R or EP35C-DS3R: Installation of Iatkos 5i works like a charm. Here are the steps for a fully upgradeable system: 1.Go to the BIOS and disable the Jmicron or Gigabyte Sata controller (and of course don't use the purple sata ports on the board)(IMPORTANT STEP!). 2. Set sata mode of the main sata controller to AHCI (may not be needed) 3. Choose the following options in the installation: see http://iatkos.wikidot.com/preparing-an-upgradable-system (make sure you select no kernel so that the stock kernel is installed) +OHR + Intel Sata controller +Realtec1000 Network driver (works with DHCP AND bonjour!) +GFX strings (if available for your card. 4. Install 5. Use apple autoupdate and allow it to update to 10.5.6. During restart boot with -f flag. 6. After the restart go to system preferences and select energy saver, options, tick the box for 'restart automatically after power failure' (fixes sleep, thanks Jan Bird!) 7. Install audio drivers Done :-) Thanks a million to all the great people who made this happen!!!
  5. wow, this is brilliant! From now on I'll make a point of buying the same motherboard that ~pcwiz is running For now I am right with my EP35C-DS3R. One questions regarding the Ethernet driver: Does it work with Bonjour while still obtaining a new DHCP lease upon weaking from sleep? So far I can have either/or but not both, but I haven't tried the driver included in the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3x Control Center. Cheers, and thanks so much for your excellent work!
  6. Just a heads up to all those like me that are eying the Nvidia 8800GT cards: The new Mac Pro's announced today feature the 8800GT as an upgrade option, hence we should see native OS X support for this brilliant card shortly! See here for details: http://www.apple.com/macpro/technology/graphics.html Good news indeed :-)
  7. Brilliant idividebyzero! Thanks; I'll give that a try.
  8. Thanks heaps for the reply idividebyzero! I got the EFI v8 but unfortunately it lacks the "easy install" instructions (or any instructions for that matter) that you mentioned. The guides I have seen so far all assume a total HDD wipe as part of the installation. Any chance you could point me to where to find the "easy install" instructions?
  9. EFI Post Install Package

    Been ansking myself the same question as KroeT. I like to be able to use the auto update but shutdown and reboot is a little more essential in my books.
  10. Hi, I have been using the 10.5 flat image installation for quite some time now, and most things work quite nicely. The notable exceptions are that Rosetta crashes instantly when a PPC app is excecuted and a few minor niggles here and there. I would like to use the EFI emulation and a vanilla kernel so that I can make use of the auto updates and hopefully get Rosetta to work. Question: Can anyone recommend a method that leaves my current Leopard install intact and while making the above changes? I put a lot of work into fitting out my installation and I'd like to avoid starting from scratch again. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
  11. Performance Comparison

    Scores in my sig.
  12. Thanks guys, some really good pointers here!
  13. I know what you are talking about. I can't quite make up my mind about as well. I like the 'Laptop style' key travel but there is something strange about the tactile feedback. I wonder if I'd ever get used to it. The other thing I really dislike about it is the lack of a keypad and cursor keys if you go for the bluetooth version. What were they thinking there?
  14. iATKOS (Uphuck) Leo DVD Status

    I'm confused. I thought iATKOS would make use of the EFI hack and use the vanilla kernel. Does this mean that Apple updates won't work with iATKOS?