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p5w dh 10.5.2 100% fine should i upgrade also missing boot


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Hi all very happy with my current system have a slight problem do I upgrade?

also my system was a triple boot linux ubuntu xp pro 32 and os x.

q6600 p5wdh 2gb ram 8800gt.

a slight grub boot loader problem caused me to loose the boot sector on the os x, but using the boot kalyway 10.5.2 dvd makes the system boot up?

is there anyway to repair the boot sector to point at the os shag?

I tried to carbon copy it to another drive but still had boot problems.

it works fine with the boot up cd? if i choose not to go with the install

anyway i now have two drives to play with.

If i could fix the master boot record this would be a start.

then is it worth the upgrade to 10.5.6 for i movie 09? I like piccasa for my photo manager.

I used to use studio 12 for video but I am getting used to imove since the build, shame ubuntu linux doesn't have something as good as imovie kino although usable is a very poor alternative!


ps tried using gparted to look at copying the partition but gparted does not support hfs+


also currently I have not got a web cam is there any compatible with a hack that i plug in with good quality.


In my heart of hearts the kalyway was easy to install I would like a 10.5.6 version for my p5w dh but i haven't seen any updated versions only patches

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If you can boot up fom another install of leopard (perhaps just a temporary one), then using the chameleon EFI and boot installer will sort you out. Just remember to change the install location to the problematic drive, as it will otherwise install on the 'Temporary' one


For updating - look at the 1st sticky post in leopard installation section of this forum. It's what I did and all is good


Good luck

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