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  1. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    I would like a one of your cables sent to UK
  2. Yes I fell for the psystar boot loader which gave me an easy life no more kext editing etc. I want to clone my main hard drive 10.6.2 with psystars boot loader. I have tried carbon copy without success I want to clone the drive so I can try apple updates without killing my system. any advice welcome. hardware Model Identifier: motherboard EX58-UD5 Processor Speed: i7 2.67 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 8 MB Memory: 6 GB Bus Speed: 533 MHz Itb seagate barracuda hard drive when I have tried to clone a drive onto an old 300gb sata drive the bios reports no drive found.. thanks in advance
  3. Having fallen for the infamous boot loader recently closed down by apple now selling t shirts I have the following system Model Name: Mac Model Identifier: EX58-UD5 Processor Speed: 2.67 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 8 MB Memory: 6 GB Bus Speed: 533 MHz 8800gt 512 I am running vanilla on a genuine snow leopard but I am sure future updates r going to cause problems so the question is were do I go from here. Running 10.6.2 any advice welcome... I am sure there are a few of us that got stung.... I luv using Mac "vista switched me off from Microsoft" Apple Macs on this side of the pond are prohibitive.. If they were same price as USA I would buy one if I am honest! I mac 27 (i7) wow......
  4. Had a few problems last week rebuilt my system vanilla install ipc10.5.6 fully updated to 10.5.08 back up time machine I forgot to install a sound driver I tried my own copy of osx86 tools but when i click download and install audio driver codecs only the following are available alc97audio alc883 alc861 alc888. I need alc882 for my p5wdh any help on a simple tool so i can get my system fully working again. I have had at least twelve month out of this last build so with a little luck you guys can get me up and runnng again. Just a note on another RAm problem I encountered........ also its worth a note I upgraded my ram to 8gb when i tried to re install with all 8 in situ it wouldn't load ipc. yest i had enabled mem remap in bios >64 bit funny thing is on the working install I put all the ram in and it the ram works fine!!! p5wdh q6600 8800gt 2gb ram-----8gb post install 10.5.8 fully updated vanilla
  5. p5w dh Ram upgrade post 10.5.6 2gb to 8gb

    True i am sure it does with a few applications, but if your bog standard like me then 4gb will cut the cloth for almost all my needs. I will play with light room to see if it takes advantage. Just warning those new mac like me who will be running standard apps most of the time but at £33 for 4gb 8500 ddr2 it wont break the bank to house the full 8gb
  6. p5w dh Ram upgrade post 10.5.6 2gb to 8gb

    installed the extra ram to be honest i think 4gb would have been enough running a few apps and encoding a movie in imovie09 I was still only hitting 2gb! so before you spend your hard earned dosh try 2*2gb first. 8gb looks good on paper but in real world the jury is still out. p5wdh q6600 8gb ocz 8500 ram 4*2gb ddr2 nvida 8800gt 1*500mb 1*300mb kalyway install then efi boot loader installed then fully upgraded to 10.5.6 Not overclocked geekbench =Summary Section Description Score Geekbench Score Geekbench 2.1.2 for Mac OS X x86 (64-bit) Integer Processor integer performance 5527 5605 Floating Point Processor floating point performance 8364 Memory Memory performance 2628 Stream Memory bandwidth performance 2180 System Information Operating System Mac OS X 10.5.6 (Build 9G55) Model Hackintosh Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5W DH Deluxe Rev 1.xx Processor Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz Processor ID GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11 Processors 1 Threads 4 Cores 4 Memory 8.00 GB 0 MHz SDRAM Processor Frequency 3.80 GHz Bus Frequency 1.06 GHz L1 Instruction Cache 32.0 KB L1 Data Cache 32.0 KB L2 Cache 4.00 MB L3 Cache 0.00 B BIOS American Megatrends Inc. 2801 Integer Section Section Score 5527 Blowfish single-threaded scalar 1562 68.6 MB/sec Blowfish multi-threaded scalar 6635 271.9 MB/sec Text Compress single-threaded scalar 2166 6.93 MB/sec Text Compress multi-threaded scalar 7947 26.1 MB/sec Text Decompress single-threaded scalar 1887 7.76 MB/sec Text Decompress multi-threaded scalar 7353 29.3 MB/sec Image Compress single-threaded scalar 2081 17.2 Mpixels/sec Image Compress multi-threaded scalar 8009 67.4 Mpixels/sec Image Decompress single-threaded scalar 1991 33.4 Mpixels/sec Image Decompress multi-threaded scalar 7267 118.6 Mpixels/sec Lua single-threaded scalar 4077 1.57 Mnodes/sec Lua multi-threaded scalar 15360 5.91 Mnodes/sec Floating Point Section Section Score 8364 Mandelbrot single-threaded scalar 1797 1.20 Gflops Mandelbrot multi-threaded scalar 6943 4.54 Gflops Dot Product single-threaded scalar 3253 1.57 Gflops Dot Product multi-threaded scalar 13644 6.22 Gflops Dot Product single-threaded vector 2529 3.03 Gflops Dot Product multi-threaded vector 11527 12.0 Gflops LU Decomposition single-threaded scalar 1299 1.16 Gflops LU Decomposition multi-threaded scalar 5115 4.48 Gflops Primality Test single-threaded scalar 4657 695.6 Mflops Primality Test multi-threaded scalar 13260 2.46 Gflops Sharpen Image single-threaded scalar 5011 11.7 Mpixels/sec Sharpen Image multi-threaded scalar 18338 42.3 Mpixels/sec Blur Image single-threaded scalar 6232 4.93 Mpixels/sec Blur Image multi-threaded scalar 23496 18.5 Mpixels/sec Memory Section Section Score 2628 Read Sequential single-threaded scalar 3914 4.79 GB/sec Write Sequential single-threaded scalar 2449 1.68 GB/sec Stdlib Allocate single-threaded scalar 2270 8.47 Mallocs/sec Stdlib Write single-threaded scalar 2166 4.48 GB/sec Stdlib Copy single-threaded scalar 2345 2.42 GB/sec Stream Section Section Score 2180 Stream Copy single-threaded scalar 1946 2.66 GB/sec Stream Copy single-threaded vector 2177 2.82 GB/sec Stream Scale single-threaded scalar 2045 2.65 GB/sec Stream Scale single-threaded vector 2148 2.90 GB/sec Stream Add single-threaded scalar 2482 3.75 GB/sec Stream Add single-threaded vector 2275 3.17 GB/sec Stream Triad single-threaded scalar 2724 3.76 GB/sec Stream Triad single-threaded vector 1643 3.08 GB/sec
  7. Thanks for advice the other day on my ram upgrade on my p5w dh. Just thought if anyone else was going down the same route just ordered some this ram is a steal ddr2 8500 at £33.00 inc vat http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....rodid=MY-149-OC 8gb on route to me! let just hope it doesn't bugger everything up! Has anyone else gone from 2gb to 8gb with this board? did you need to remap memory??????? thanks cameronboy
  8. Hackintosh best amount of RAM

    Also before i bugger up the system do i need to activate the memory remap feature in the p5w dh bios for os 10.5.6? If I upgrade my system ram from 2gb to 8gb?? has anyone gone from 2gb to 8gb with or without out any problems???
  9. Hackintosh best amount of RAM

    Which mobo are u using Nck these p5w dh are notoriously hard to overclock with quads? The e6600 was a breeze to overclock but once i swapped in a q6600 it was a different beast. my system is built around a pretty high spec h20 cooled system. At almost 5 years old it was once a cutting edge game system! I am pretty sure my p5w dh mobo is the weak link but as a hackintosh its still got mileage photos and video editing are my main uses now!
  10. Hackintosh best amount of RAM

    thanks Just wanted to make sure 4gb Ok I could event stretch to 8gb if needed but only if the system would use it to reduce bottle necks caused at quad cpu. The old e6600 cpu used to be oc at 3.6ghz the down side of this board is the q6600s dont oc that well 3ghz is about the upper limit on my board.
  11. Currently have 2gb of ram in my q6600 hackintosh on a p5w DH deluxe board, enjoying my new mac life. How much ram would optimize my system. I currently have 2gb of gskill 6400hz but with the price of DDR2 dropping I would like t upgrade the ram, system has typical software set up imove09 iwork, light room. I know my dual boot into xp wouldnt use the extra ram or ubuntu as they are 32bit but as hack mac pro quad what amount of ram do you suggest? thanks in advance
  12. p5w dh 10.5.6

    Upgraded kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.6 using the dsdt efi chamealian method, worked like a charm I didn't need patches. from 10.5.2 to 10.5.6 using live upate. Just the ticking the osx system files. Cpu now says unknown 3.8ghz on about this mac detailed as a mac pro! q6600 p5wdh 160gb 250gb and 500gb sata 2gb gskill 6400hz ide dvdrw lableflash nvidia 8800gt I ran osxtools post install ran the search install drivers and its suggest using the 8800gt driver I have the nvinject drivers 0.20 which work just fine The q6600 shows as a 3.8mhz unknown but changes the unknown to q6600 although cant change the frequency displayed. still at 3.8. Its running at 2750mhz as i set it as a manual overclock. I have sound and usb working not sure about firewire as i have no device to try it out. osxtools also suggests i change the sound drivers to acl880 from ac97? do i need to do this my sound output is via a 5.1 system from the single green stereo output on the back pannel. my main question is do I add more ram will i benifit as i will be using i movie for editing home movies? also when i shut down it sometimes does not switch off? any help with that rather than a forced re set? also can i fix the mirror problem on video output I would like dual disply mirror? ps is there any way of view intalled drivers or tool that will display them? osxtools also suggests i update my usb drivers i will try to pull a screen shot and post it on here. I have noted some crackling sounds, in the audio may be a the jack connection. thanks again for the hard work you guys put into this thread. enjoying my taste of mac life. Cameronboy
  13. Hi all very happy with my current system have a slight problem do I upgrade? also my system was a triple boot linux ubuntu xp pro 32 and os x. q6600 p5wdh 2gb ram 8800gt. a slight grub boot loader problem caused me to loose the boot sector on the os x, but using the boot kalyway 10.5.2 dvd makes the system boot up? is there anyway to repair the boot sector to point at the os shag? I tried to carbon copy it to another drive but still had boot problems. it works fine with the boot up cd? if i choose not to go with the install anyway i now have two drives to play with. If i could fix the master boot record this would be a start. then is it worth the upgrade to 10.5.6 for i movie 09? I like piccasa for my photo manager. I used to use studio 12 for video but I am getting used to imove since the build, shame ubuntu linux doesn't have something as good as imovie kino although usable is a very poor alternative! ps tried using gparted to look at copying the partition but gparted does not support hfs+ also currently I have not got a web cam is there any compatible with a hack that i plug in with good quality. In my heart of hearts the kalyway was easy to install I would like a 10.5.6 version for my p5w dh but i haven't seen any updated versions only patches
  14. Oh well added the q6600 go to my p5w dh deluxe and as most reports suggest it does not over clock with the p5wdh. 2.8ghz. Manual over clock. despite my system running rock solid for the past two years at 3.6ghz with a core duo e6600 on above chart. I am not over disappointed as I am not an avid game player any more so vid encoding provided by the quad will over ride any bragging rites I used to have. I will put the e600 on ebay as my other sytem is an amd am2 media sytem in the bed room. Just thought others may want to know how I got on. I got the system to post and run with the q6600 go at 3.2ghz but the system soon crashed. So if you have a p5w dh dont expect any major overclocks on a quad. My system is a quality hzo cooled monster if I was going get a result it would have been on my rig. I can settle at 2.8ghz on NI boost current temps 22deg c 32 under othos under full load. here endeth the reading Cameronboy
  15. I was fortunate to already own a p5wdh when i first loaded kalyway on my system having got fed up vista i was looking at ubuntu and found this site, anyway i now tripple boot with xp pro ubuntu 8.10 and osx 10.5.2 kalyway my current system is a h20 cooled e6600 on a p5w dh mainbaord with some heavy duty gskill 2gb ram. My ref is Graylinghunter on table below! anyway i am looking at a q6600 as i do quite a bit of encoding. my rig is also h20 cooled The p5w dh has been a difficult board for q6600 to overclock by all accounts, have any of you guys gone down the q6600 route and if so what was the outcome. have you overclocked it on a p5w dh board what did you max out at? thanks in advance cameronboy