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So close... I have a working completely retail 10.5.6 installation


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Sorry but I've been at this for ages and I just have to admit defeat and ask here!


I have used a boot disc to get a retail OSX DVD to boot and install to a separate HDD. It all seems to have gone fine, I can use the boot disc to get into my OSX HDD now, and mess around. All seems good and stable etc.


But various things aren't working, like my onboard sound, and my onboard wireless isn't responding even though I'm installing the realtek drivers for it. Pretty standard problems I assume. Plus there's the issue about not being able to boot directly, having to use the CD I burnt etc.


Is there a COMPLETE idiots guide to instaling kexts etc? I want to do it via the hidden EFI partition way really, I've heard that's a good fit for this board?


I've read tutorials on this, but they all seem to assume a level of knowledge beyond what I have! I'm not sure how to install kexts, or even what ones I need....


My P5W-DH Deluxe is apparently one of the best and most popular boards out there for this sort of thing so presumably dozens of you guys have done what needs to be done here! Could you quickly zip through what to do for me?



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I have a retail install on this board, using Munkey's EFI partition method. I have the following kext's in the hidden partition:








which I have attached to this post.


My S/L/E is completely vanilla.


I have my com.apple.Boot.plist in the EFI partiton, with efi strings for my video card and network. DSDT.aml in there as well.


With the exception of onboard firewire (which the 10.5.6 update killed, but is easily fixed) everything works, including sound.


Munkey's directions are excellent--just follow them carefully and you will be successful. You will probably find PCWiz's tools helpful. http://######.com/


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