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  1. VoodooHDA - common problems

    Hi guys, does anyone know why my sound stops working every time I restart my 10.8.2 machine? I have the ALC 882 chip and am using the VoodooHDA kext. I have to reinstall them to get the sound back. I tink this might be related to the 'sound treatment' options in the prefpane never saving. Anyone know what's wrong and whether I can fix it easily? Cheers.
  2. never mind, I found out that the voodoo drivers work .Sure they kernel panicked my 10.7 install but they seem good now. Thanks to whoever made them Do we all have all the onboard USB ports working?
  3. how have we gotten the onboard audio to work with 10.8? Does it?
  4. hey, did you ever get to the bottom of this? I have 10.8.2 running pretty much flawlessly, but the sound just doesn't want to work. It will work fine streaming to my amp and apple tv, but not to the local speakers. This P5W-DH has the ALC 882 you mention - ism it simply completely incompatible with later OSX versions? EDIT: Voodoo HDA kext works ok
  5. His guys I'm following this guide to update my working 10.7.2 build on an ASUS P5W-DH but I'm having the usual graphics card problems. I have a 6870 and it's causing annoying problems shunting everything down to the lower quarter of the monitor meaning I have to guess where the buttons are in order to progress the installation. This also means I can't customise it to my system properly either. Anyone know what causes this? Relatedly once it is installed I get the hang at 'DSMOS has arrived'. I know this is something to do with boot.plist and editing my graphics kexts but I can't seem to find a guide telling me exactly what to edit and how to do it. Any ideas ?
  6. Hi guys, can anyone help me with the p5w-dh on Lion? Everything works perfectly except the sound. I've tried the VoodooHDA stuff in ###### but they either do nothing or they kernel panic. Does anyone have some sound kexts they know work on 10.7.2? Is there anything else I need to be doing to get the kexts I'm, trying to work? At the moment I'm just using ###### or Kexthelper to install them. Cheers!
  7. I'm trying to get 1080p video working properly on my system now (it's fine on Vista) but it's way too choppy for some reason on the OSX install. I notice my RAM speed is showing up as 0 mhz in system profiler. I've read around for this and it's suggested I install SMBIOS kext to stop this. In the aliab mkext splintah linked to above, which I'm using, I have SMBIOSResolver.kext. Is this the same thing, and is it supposed to fix the 0 mhz thing? Cheers
  8. Anyone got any ideas for this one? The sound quality is appalling it doesn't do this is Vista by the way so i don't think it's a grounding issue or anything... I used the aliab kexts splintah linked to which contain these kexts for audio: LegacyHDAPlatformDriver.kext LegacyHDAController.kext HDAEnabler.kext Is there anything I can do to improve this?
  9. Solved most of my problem with this one - except now I have the audio kexts installed to enable the onboard sound, it's working but there's a horrible crackling noise when ever any sound is actually playing, such as an MP3 or even a system alert boing or something! It keeps crackling for a couple of seconds after the sound has stopped as well. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. I'm such a noob at this. I have a retail 10.5.6 install all ready to go on my P5W DH - it works but needs altered so it can boot without the bootdisc, and get sound etc. Can anyone tell me briefly how to use this program for setting up my P5W with the appropriate kexts etc? I think I vaguely get the kexts business but not the boot.plist stuff It's annoying as I have such a common motherboard and components for doing this, people must be doing exactly what I need to do hundreds of times a day!
  11. Sorry but I've been at this for ages and I just have to admit defeat and ask here! I have used a boot disc to get a retail OSX DVD to boot and install to a separate HDD. It all seems to have gone fine, I can use the boot disc to get into my OSX HDD now, and mess around. All seems good and stable etc. But various things aren't working, like my onboard sound, and my onboard wireless isn't responding even though I'm installing the realtek drivers for it. Pretty standard problems I assume. Plus there's the issue about not being able to boot directly, having to use the CD I burnt etc. Is there a COMPLETE idiots guide to instaling kexts etc? I want to do it via the hidden EFI partition way really, I've heard that's a good fit for this board? I've read tutorials on this, but they all seem to assume a level of knowledge beyond what I have! I'm not sure how to install kexts, or even what ones I need.... My P5W-DH Deluxe is apparently one of the best and most popular boards out there for this sort of thing so presumably dozens of you guys have done what needs to be done here! Could you quickly zip through what to do for me? Thanks!
  12. is there any known fixes for the sound input not being recognised?
  13. Yep, disabling the 'Q-Fan' stuff in the BIOS helps a long POST. But the USB stalling thing still happens to me at least
  14. Aye of course not all people have the boot stalling on detecting USB devices thing, but I'm just saying that myself and loads of others have had it happen for ages, through loads of BIOS revisions