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Need recommendation (JaS 10.4.6 fresh)


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Greetings all!

Need recommendation for a PCI 802.11g adapter that will work out the chute with a fresh install of JaS' 10.4.6 DVD


Here are other system specs:


Asus P5LD2-VM

Celeron D 336 (2.80GHz)

1 GB Corsair Value Ram (matched with mobo)

120 GB EIDE hard drive


Also looking for a recommendation for a compatible low-cost DVD+/-R/RW drive that will also work right out of the box with same install


Eagerly await your suggestions!


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NEC ND-3550A 16x DVDRW drive is pretty good. It's on the wiki list and it's been doing well for me. I haven't checked if it will write DL disks yet though. I would also suggest going to a pentium 4 with that board, checkout newegg.com, they are usually my one stop shop. Are you currently running 10.4.6 on that system or is that what you plan on ordering?

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Hey nyjets12 and kernalzero,


got the same mobo as you guys but I´m too dumb to get the sound device operating.

Tried the 10.4.3 extensions on the maxxus 10.4.4 with no success.


Latest Install is JAS 10.4.6 - did not change anything.


Can you give me advice pls?



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