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Help with LTSP for elementary school


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Hi everybody,


I'm completely new to linux and have taken on a project that I need help with. I'm volunteering at my wife's elementary school and trying to set up an LTSP server. I'd like it to run either openSUSE-education (based on 11.1) or Edubuntu. Novell sponsoring SUSE would make it an easy sell to the IT people at the county's central office for widespread adoption (they use Novell servers to some capacity) but I also like what Edubuntu has to offer (namely ltsp setup automatically with the alternate CD). In any case, I've tried installing both and have come across major networking problems. I'm not entirely sure what to do. I don't want to keep switching distros so I'd like to pick some of your brains and try to iron out my problems.


So here are a few questions maybe some of you can help me answer:

  1. Is there any reason I should go with one distro over the other?
  2. Which one has the better integration between ltsp and italc?
  3. When using a 2 NIC setup, does the NIC facing the switch with the thin clients need to be eth0?
  4. Is there any difference between client performance between the distros provided all other things are equal?(BTW either way I'd be using Gnome)
  5. Is there a definitive article or book that can get me up to speed with complex networking on either distro or a linux server?

My problems so far have had to do with mostly networking issues. Various installations (I've done a couple with both distros already) have lead to various problems but at least I'm getting a lot more comfortable with the command line in the process. Any help you guys could provide would be much appreciated.

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