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[How to] Make it Bootable 2009 OS X Live DVD

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If you wish to use Boot-132, you can simply copy the contents of Boot-132 into your media and use this command to make the image


sudo  hdiutil makehybrid -o livehecabe.iso /Volumes/(Target Media)/ -iso -hfs -eltorito-boot /Volumes/(Target  Media)/isolinux.bin -no-emul-boot


If you want, after -hfs you can throw in -joilet and/or -udf, but they are unnecessary. You can also add -hfs-volume-name "Mac OS X Live DVD" -joliet-volume-name "Mac OS X Live DVD" at the end

Hi hecabe,


Thanks a lot for the great guide. I'm wondering: is there a way to automate the "sh /etc/rc.liveboot init" part? Or do you really have to type it in every time?

I've the same "problem" of ~pcwiz :D

I felt in some way, but without success :lol:

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