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Hiring Canadians...

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I am looking for smart Canadian citizens who are dedicated OS X and iPhone (or Blackberry) users with real leadership talent to hire for contract work possibly leading to full time positions and stock options.


This is what I specifically want:


(1) Canadians with entrepreneurial experience and management ability who are serious OS X and iPhone (or Blackberry) users (required).


(2) Canadians with experience in marketing and supporting financial services (optional).


(3) Canadians with legal experience and political connections useful in solving regulatory issues that involve both the US and Canadian governments (optional).


(4) Canadians in Ontario (preferred).


PM me for more information.



I also looking for:


Video Producers:



Website Designers & Developers:



OS X Developers:


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Did you really need to say Canadians twenty times? I got the point from the topic. Why does it have to be a Canadian, anyways?

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Did you really need to say Canadians twenty times?


Twenty times, eh?


Look, I can understand people who are not Canadians being upset with this, but if you click the links I posted above that detail the more specific technical skills and experience that I am looking for, Canadian citizens are merely "preferred."


Why does it have to be a Canadian, anyways?


There are basically three reasons for this:


(1) I am creating a company that has a physical base in Canada that will at first support marketing operations exclusively in the US. This is essentially a legal requirement, as I am US citizen I want to make it explicitly clear this is a Canadian company and that operates under Canadian not US law.


(2) I am interested in broadly moving American capital out of the US and into safe Canadian investments which promote the Canadian economy (as the US economy collapses).


(3) I am preparing to apply for Canadian citizenship under the Immigrations Canada "entrepreneur" program:



The Immigrations Canada "entrepreneur" program requires me to hire Canadians, so that is what I am doing.



(... and in case anyone is wondering, this company has absolutely nothing to do with OSx86, I am not creating a Psystar or EFI-X).

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