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Learning the OS first

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Hello all,

This is my first post here and I hope I'm in the right place for this.


I'm a strictly PC guy for many years and have built many and been doing support on all of the MS os's for years. Now I want/need to learn MAC from a support standpoint. I'm thinking I will buy a Psystar system first to learn how to get around in the OS and start to feel warm and fuzzy before I start building a hackentosh on my own.


From what I have read here there are certain MB's that work and more that won't but Gigabyte seems to be what everyone is using. Is there a HCL somewhere I could look at? It would be nice if I could use an old PC I have laying around to build a test box.


Anyway, thanks in advance for your input. This certainly is a well organized site and loaded with good info.



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Thanks for the Mac correction.

I decided to try the install of 10.5.4 on my Asus A8N-VM CSM with a AMD 64 3500+ today. I got as far as Darwin started and stops with a message "unable to find driver for this platform ACPI."


I suspect this isn't the place for install questions of a basic nature.

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