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Fixing Time Difference in OSX and XP


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this process should be done in XP

log on to XP


1 Download the attached .zip


2 Extract the archive

3 Copy the AppleTime.exe {in the ZIP} program into C:\Windows\System32\


4 Open the Servicemanager.exe {in the ZIP}

5 In the ServiceManager Window, Click File, New

6 Fill the window out as follows:

Service Name : AppleTime

Display Name : Apple Time Service

Auto-Start : Checked

Service Description: This service will correct for the time difference at login.

Start Service on Add: Checked

Click the "Select" button and navagate to AppleTime.exe in your C:\Windows\System32\ directory.


Click "Open"


Click "Add"


Close out ServiceManager.exe and your finished!




NOTE: The AppleTime.exe is not really a service, so it won't respond in the way that windows expects, if you attempt to start the service manually you will get an error message, it is safe to disregard this message it will not affect the way AppleTime works.


by the author : the1silverwolf


The two programs in the attachment were not created by me. AppleTime.exe was created by Apple Inc. and is available for download as part of the BootCamp Beta Program. Servicemanager.exe was created by Aaron Ballman and is available free of charge from his website All I did was put them together and provide these instructions.




all i did was to post it on Insanlymac


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