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    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    Massive thanks to hnak for this: you're an absolute saviour. I just installed Mavericks on an on old Intel PC with an MSI 945G motherboard and everything worked aside from the Intel 82562GZ Ethernet. I'd previously got Ethernet working in Snow Leopard on the same machine and that took a long time, but Mavericks has been a complete nightmare. I spent about six hours trying every kext out there, including the Intel E1000 kexts and various flavours of of 8255x and nothing worked. I gave up and dug out some old PCI wireless cards and discovered Mavericks had dropped support for them too. Then after one more hour of searching I found your post, and I finally have internet access. Brilliant - thanks again. Just installed this so not sure what problems I'm going to encounter. Any workarounds for problems loading this kext in Mavericks?
  2. flashjazzcat

    Acer Aspire 5720 Snow Leopard install problems

    I got WiFi working by replacing the card with a Broadcom model from an old laptop. Not working: 1. Sleep. 2. Ethernet. I can get it working using the described methods, but it prevents the machine from doing a reboot (just hangs on shutdown). 3. Touchpad scroll area. Is this supposed to work? Everything else works perfectly. Any pointers on the above three issues greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi folks. Been away from Hackintosh for a few years, but I recently got 10.6.8 running nicely on my A75M-HVS AMD FM1 board, once I'd added an HD5670 gfx card. Installation was done via Modbin CD, starting with 10.6.3, then 10.6.7, and finally 10.6.8, which picked up the gfx card beautifully and everything except the audio is working perfectly. Now - audio was working fine in 10.6.7 but the graphics card wasn't working at all (no video - just garbage), so 10.6.8 was required... however, I lost the sound and can't get it back. I've been fiddling with this for about eight hours to no avail. The A75M uses the VIA VT1705 HD Audio codec, and while this was working perfectly with AppleHDA.kext under 10.6.7, the same kext in 10.6.8 doesn't even pick up the hardware. The volume icon remains greyed out. I've tried ##### (rollback, Voodoo, ALC8xx) and absolutely nothing works. I find this puzzling since everything was fine before (although I'm aware that 10.6.8 changed AppleHDA.kext - hence the rollback). To be clear - I don't want the HDMI audio on the gfx card - just the back panel line out. Real shame if I can't get this going, since the system is otherwise very nice. Catch-22 situation, since the gfx wouldn't work in 10.6.7 and the audio won't work in 10.6.8... Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Meanwhile, I'll keep researching... EDIT: went back to a disk image of 10.6.7 (with gfx card removed), copied the ATI kexts from 10.6.8 into System/Extensions, put the card back, and the machine booted with full graphics support. However, even under 10.6.7 the sound went missing with the graphics card installed. Some kind of conflict? Anyway: now I've eliminated 10.6.8 itself from blame, I've gone back to 10.6.8 but am still not getting anywhere fast...
  4. Thanks - I'll definitely keep my eyes open for either of those. I appreciate the advice!
  5. Ah - damn. Thanks alot for the clarification, though. Any recommended, inexpensive cards which will work without tweaking?
  6. Thanks for this brilliant guide. I managed to get 10.5.4 running on my previous motherboard four years ago, but that machine bit the dust last year and I've just gotten around to attempting a Snow Leopard install this weekend. Thanks to this guide, I've got 10.6.3 running on the following hardware: Motherboard: AsRock A75-HVS CPU: AMD A8-3870K RAM: 4GB Corsair DDR3 GFX: Integrated HD 6550D Busratio=22 was the key to success, it seems. The wireless card is Mac compatible, so I've got net access, HD audio, but no graphics acceleration yet. I'm getting the impression that HD 6550D GFX support is limited / experimental, but I'm slowly getting reacquinted with all the KEXT editing stuff I've forgotten about over the past couple of years. It would be nice if I could get the graphics card working, since everything else is working a treat.
  7. flashjazzcat

    Vista/OS X MBR bootloader woes

    OK... I fixed this tonight and I figure the solution might be useful to others. The Mac OS partition was unrecognized by programs like Acronis Disk Director, where before I'd been able to set it as active, etc. The whole Mac disk setup seemed different to before. There was also a 200MB EFI partition at the front of the disk and I suspected that was giving me problems and causing the "Chain Booting Error". So: I first backed up the main OS X partition using Paragon Drive Backup. I didn't back up the drive structure, just the Mac partition. I then went into Diskpart in Vista and cleaned the entire disk (Mac OS resides on its own drive). Then, with a totally empty drive, I used Disk Director to create an NTFS partition which filled the drive. Finally, I went back to Drive Backup and restored the image of the Mac drive to the disk. Result: the EFI partition was gone, and Disk Director now handles the partition (as 0xAF ShagOS Swap). I was able to set the partition as active and now the Vista MBR bootloader picks up Darwin perfectly as before.
  8. Hi, Haven't been on the forum for a while because I had everything running sweet (Leo4all 4.1.1) and I was pretty happy just to have OS X 10.5.5 to boot into now and again. It wasn't too stable, though: apps would tend to shut down after an hour or so and then refuse to launch again ("The application cannot be launched"). I wanted to do development for old Atari 8 bit systems using the Atari800MacX emulator so the OS had attained more than novelty value. So I was messing around with Software Update the other day, and it ruined the install. No problem: revert to the disk image I had just made from within Vista. Sadly the disk image was corrupt so I had to reinstall OS X. That part went OK (still using Leo4all 4.1.1 cause it's the only one I can get working). One thing isn't working: my dual boot. I used to have the Vista bootloader set up so I could boot into Vista or Leopard. It worked perfectly the way I had set it up with EasyBCD. Now I just can't get it to work again: I keep getting "Chain booting error" when selecting OS X. I've done everything the way I did it when I first installed OS X last September: disconnected the other 2 SATA HDDs, installed Leo onto the third HDD from a SATA DVD, rebooted, set up the OS. Then I shut down, reconnect the other two HDDs, set the BIOS to boot from the Vista volume, boot into Vista, copy chain0 from the Mac partition to Vista's partition, rename it NST_MAC.MBR. All I get now is "Chain booting error". I spent eight hours on this yesterday trying to figure out what had changed: it's all the same hardware, everything. Vista SP2 is the only new ingredient??? I almost went down the NeoGrub route but I couldn't get that working either and the screen was beseiged with messages anyway. I need to keep the Vista bootloader (ahem), but I'm struggling to understand what I did right last time or what I've done wrong this time. I know Chain booting errors are a common problem but all the Internet seaching I've done is leading me round in circles. Lots of the relevant forum posts are rather old, too. It seems to me that Vista isn't the problem: it's running NST_MAC.MBR just fine. It's the chain loader which just isn't hooking up to the mac partition properly.
  9. flashjazzcat

    D-Link AirPlus-G DWL-G510

    OK, just to tie things up, the revision C version of this card DOES NOT work with Leopard under any circumstances . I flogged it on ebay and bought (from ebay) a Netgear Broadcom unit specially aimed at Hackintosh users and 'Guaranteed to work'. Well - it worked perfectly.
  10. flashjazzcat

    Flickering grey colors

    I tried booting up with the monitor plugged into the other DVI port on the graphics card and I haven't noticed the flicker since, so perhaps that's solved the problem.
  11. flashjazzcat

    Fixing Time Difference in OSX and XP

    Thanks - after trying numerous fixes, none of which were effective, this solution works flawlessly.
  12. flashjazzcat

    Flickering grey colors

    Bump? Have tried all kinds of things - altering refresh rate, changing the pixel clock. Still getting flickering on dark greys. Any ideas?
  13. flashjazzcat

    Flickering grey colors

    I'm having a very similar problem. I recently reinstalled 10.5.4 and immediately updated to 10.5.5 and I'm still getting flickering on dark greys. I'm loathe to mess around with my tried and tested video driver installation routine unless I know what I'm doing so would love to try and pinpoint the cause of this problem. It's especially noticeable on the background of iMovie and iPhoto. My card is an 8600GT.
  14. flashjazzcat

    [LEOPARD] D-Link DWL-G510 Wireless PCI Adapter

    I've also just bought a DWL-G510 and it's a revision C board. I'm unsure how to proceed since I can't tell what chipset's on the card. Anyone?
  15. flashjazzcat

    D-Link AirPlus-G DWL-G510

    Hi Having had no luck getting either of my previous wireless PCI cards to work with OS X (Leo4all 4.1.1), I ordered a D-Link DWL-G510 on the understanding I should be able to get it to work (judging by what I had learned from the hardware compatibility wiki). However, the wiki only mentions revision A and B cards, and - what do you know - mine's a revision C. I can't yet establish what chipset this card uses, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this card or could give me some pointers. Trying to get wireless working with an otherwise perfect Leopard install is becoming more frustrating and expensive by the day.