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Leopard doens't boot at apple logo


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I finally installed leopard and now whenever i boot it hangs at the apple logo with the loopy loading sign. How do i fix this. Is it a video driver problem, i chose nvidia512


xfx 680i Lt

8600 gts 512mb

4 gbs ram

2 hds



press a key at the darwin boot loader, and use " CPUS=1 -f -v " (without the quotes) and see if it boots. If not let us know where it is hanging. Did you select the nforceata chipset driver? I have a 780i and a quadcore, and I have to use those boot options or hanging can occur or other bad stuff. Also, if you look around on the forums, there are some threads on NForce motherboards and a updated kext for your lan and also a nforceata driver that works with more than 3gb of ram.

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