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  1. og-phantom

    DSDT - MSI Z97-G45-Gaming

    Thank you sir! I copied everything over and am going to reboot. Let you know how things go. Thank you for your time! :-D
  2. og-phantom

    DSDT - MSI Z97-G45-Gaming

    Here ya go. Thank you for your time MaLd0n! Send me Daniels-iMac.zip
  3. og-phantom

    DSDT - MSI Z97-G45-Gaming

    Config.plist booted no problem! Thank you for that! The dsdt I think I {censored}ed up with a bad patch or something before you fixed it. I am getting PCI errors with it (pci0_csr if I remember right) and it won't boot. Can you fix the vanilla straight from clover one for me and I will work from there. Also, what patches should I apply to the DSDT? Thanks! You are freaking AWESOME man! DSDT.aml
  4. og-phantom

    DSDT - MSI Z97-G45-Gaming

    Thank you MaLd0n! Can you look at my config.plist and see if you see anything wrong/or that I should do different? Thank you! Will put it in my EFI drive and reboot now! I am hoping on switching from an iMac SMBIOS to a MacPro4,1 or 5,1? What do you think? config.plist
  5. og-phantom

    DSDT - MSI Z97-G45-Gaming

    Need some help fixing and patching my DSDT. Attached are the orgin DSDT.aml and the disassembled and slightly patched by me DSDT.dsl. The DSDT.dsl will not compile in my maciasl. Please help! DSDT.dsl DSDT.aml
  6. og-phantom

    Clover General discussion

    Well, 4238 hosed my install and now no folders are being injected. Not even other. Can someone upload a zip of 4237 and help me install the files from windows?? TIA! [EDIT] or a patched 4238 and a lil help with installing the files from windows....
  7. og-phantom

    Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

    I wouldn't trust it. If everything isn't exactly the same between the 2 boards, bad things would happen (Most likely a brick situation).
  8. og-phantom

    Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

    Thank you sir!
  9. og-phantom

    Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

    Could you do the latest Z97-G45 Gaming also? https://us.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z97-G45-GAMING.html#down-bios
  10. og-phantom

    Installing ElCapitan with Clover

    I had the same issue. Use your onboard intel video for the installer and the first boot up on your HD after you install El Capitan. Install the web drivers and your go to go.
  11. Hi! I have a similar MSI board (Z97-G45 Gaming). Can you give more specifics of your system, like are you using a custom DSDT, and what boot loader are you using and are you booting in UEFI or legacy mode? Also, post your config.plist and a list of any modded kexts you are loading.
  12. Not that it matters, but the reason why it didn't work for the original poster, is because he wasn't using a elevated admin cmd prompt. The whole "Access Denied" shows that. Simple fix, run the cmd prompt as administrator. Anyway....
  13. og-phantom

    Desktop and Screen Saver (pref pane) Problems

    Found the fix (from the apple support forums); 1) Close all windows & apps 2) Go to the System Library by selecting Finder, the hold the Option Key, then click on the Go tab at the top 3) Open the Application Support folder 4) Open the Dock folder 5) You should see desktoppicture.db in the Dock folder 6) Drag the desktoppicture.db to Trash 7) Reboot and you should be Good-To-Go
  14. Hi all, since upgrading to Yosemite (10.10.1, but don't know if this existed in 10.10.0 since I immediately updated after installing), my dual monitor setup is acting strange with the Desktop and Screensaver pref pane. First use it worked and showed up ok, but then the pane on the secondary monitor disappeared and all the folders that should be listed are empty and gone in the pref pane on the primary monitor. Re-adding them, they still don't show up, the pref pane stays blank, and the secondary monitor still doesn't show up. Picture attached. I've already trashed preferences and rebooted. Same issue still persists.
  15. og-phantom

    Context menu icon issues

    I am having the same issue (second right click shows all the icons). My system is in my sig. I also have Mavericks on an SSD, so HD speed shouldn't be an issue. (10.9.5 here also).