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booting problem (vista+osx)

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i was searching the forum and wiki for a solution but i didnt find one that siuts me.


i have an acer extensa 5220 (supported)

i had vista basic installed and ubuntu 8, i was using the vista bootloader, everything was working fine.

i've deleted the ubuntu partition and installed osx (kalyway 10.5.1)

the instalation went smoothly (except of the fact that my native display isnt working and i have to use external one [GMA X3100 card] )

osx booted up, runs smoothly, wifi out of the box.

i updated it to 10.5.2 smoothly


my problem is:


OSX boots up only with the kalyway DVD in the drive.

when i try to make the Vista partition the active one, so that i can boot into vista, nothing happens. black screen, no booting up.


and my question is:

how can i make the OSX to boot without the DVD?

how can i boot into vista again?

(i' trying out the leopard graphics update to see if it will get my native display working, if not i guess i'll post later)


i know how to setup the bootloader in vista, but when i cant to boot into vista in the first place i'm clueless.


anyone can hep me out?

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You need to install a bootloader. You choose from Chamelon, EFI or plain Darwin Boot loader to make dual booting. First make your Kalyway partition active and install a boot loader, then you will have a boot selector menu, using the menu try to boot Vista if problem, then again make your Vista partition active and boot thru Vista DVD, repair the installation and reboot. Once again make your Kalyway partition active to enable the boot menu. That all, you have dual booting. If problems, then post.

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