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Can't boot with -force64 and XNU 9.5.0


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Hi Guys :(


I just installed Chameleon 1.0.11 and the 9.5.0 XNU-Kernel, works like a champ, in 32 Bit. My main reason for upgrading the kernel was getting 64bit to work.


When I use

-force64 -v

as boot-flags, I get something like this...


kmod_control/start failed for com.orByte.driver.PCGen.USBEHCI.
Destroying kmod.


Could it be related to the IOUSBFamily.kext from 10.5.2 I'm using? Because with the 10.5.5 my mouse cursor acts like it's on crack after some hours of using :)

Here's my System Configuration...



Basic install: Leo4All v2 10.5.2, updated to 10.5.5 with AMD Software Updater

Kernel: Voodoo XNU 9.5

Loader: Chameleon 1.0.11



Mainboard: MSI K8N Neo4-F

CPU Athlon64 X2 3800+

Chipset: NForce4

HDD: Seagate 320GB, IDE


Thx for helping :>

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