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MacBook or MacBook Pro?

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Hey everyone. It's almost time for me to get a new notebook. Gaming is a big deal to me, but it isn't terribly important to have all of the highest settings. Basically, I want something I'll be able to take on the road to play World of Warcraft, perhaps some counter strike, etc.

Would the new MacBook be able to handle this?


I basically have two options: Buy a MacBook Pro and have one main computer, or buy a MacBook and a video card for my vista tower (4gb ram, 2.4 ghz dual core pentium).


I feel it's important to talk about what else is a big deal for me. On my current MacBook Pro, the battery life isn't swell. I'm on my second battery, and i can get maybe 2.5 hrs out of it. It's also a little large, so it isn't the ideal mobile computer. It also gets very hot. It certainly isnt the best notebook to sit with on the couch or take with me everywhere. I know the MacBook has better battery life, but is it cooler? It seems like more of an ideal size.


The money not spent on the pro can be spent on a graphics card for my tower.


It seems like I should go for the macbook, but I guess my biggest concern is future-proofing on the macbook: will it be able to last me for 2.5 years or so using it as a primary machine? I definitely prefer OS X to Windows, so I'd mainly stay on the macbook.


If I will be using this notebook as a primary computer, should I go for the pro?


ugh, decisions decisions. any and all input is appreciated.


EDIT: I'd be using the tower as my gaming machine while at home. just clarifying :)

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As for my experience I'd say:


- It is not worth to buy a laptop, both Mac or IBM, to be used as primary computer; there are home computers for that;

- A portable computer must be portable, which means that a 13" is better than a 17"; I'd go for a small one

- The Intel GMA graphics suck real bad, so don't rely on it to play (I have the white macbook, I know what I'm saying)

- the new MacBooks have a pretty good VGA, go check it on the Internet. They do not have a firewire port though, which makes them lose appeal (for me at least, but I need it for work and study). The new MB Pro has Firewire 800, but I don't consider it as a good purchase because of point number 2 (besides price, of course).


So, to conclude:



- Upgrade your Home Tower with Hardware which will allow you to build an Hackintosh, even using a retail and legal version of Leopard; this is what I'm doing. This way your notebook will be used as a notebook and not as a primary solution, which will increase its life span.

-Buy a laptop that allows you to play. The New MacBook 13" is your best choice in the apple department unless you need the firewire port. This said, I would suggest to buy an IBM laptop and save some money, because it will not be your primary system (if u follow my first suggestion) and it won't bother you too much to use Windows the time you need the notebook. Besides, you can get better HW at the same price as the MB 13".


If the Hackintosh solution doesn't satisfy you, I'd rather suggest you to sell your tower and buy an iMac (which wouldn't be a great choiche under the gaming point of view), or get used to live with Windows (better under tha gaming POW).

The important thing is that you don't buy a Notebook to use it as a Home computer. that wouldn't be really smart.



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The macbook pro that i have is my primary computer currently; i'm fine using a laptop. I can always use an external monitor, etc.


I think I'm going to go for the macbook + video card; I guess i just need confirmation that the macbook will be good enough for day to day use for around 2 years. With the processors and everything, i bet it would.

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if you want to use it 2.5y i recommend the apple protection plan. Gives you warranty for 3y

Further, i use my macbook pro as main machine. Its the mbp revision A, so its a good 2.5yo and still works good. Screen got darker a bit but thats couse the ccfl, the new books have led.

But if you want to use it as main computer for so long try hard to take good care of, ie use always a case when transporting, shut the computer off when not in use, keep it clean (under keyboard) etc

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