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iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz Parts for Sale

Guest nimpelli

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Guest nimpelli

I just recently broke the LCD display on my iBook G4 1.42 GHz 14" laptop and have decided to get a new computer all together. This computer has been beautifully maintained and is in excellent condition. I will be parting the entire thing out and selling the pieces to whoever makes a REASONABLE offer. I have the following parts for sale:



- 1.42 GHz Upper Case

- Lower Case

- I/O Bezel

- Rear Display Bezel

- Front Display Bezel

- Hinge Grill

- Bottom Shield

- Top Shield

- 1.42 GHz Metal Framework



- 1.42 GHz Logic Board

- 1.42 GHz Heat Sink

- Battery Connector

- 1.42 GHz Hard Drive Bracket

- 256 MB RAM stick

- 120 GB Hard Drive



- 24x Combo Drive (CW-8124)



- Keyboard

- Battery- holds a full charge



- 1.42 GHz Display Data Cable (Wide)

- 1.42 GHz Inverter and Airport Cable

- 1.33/1.42 GHz Optical Drive Cable

- 1.33/1.42 GHz Fan

- 1.42 GHz Reed Switch Board

- Sleep Light



- Broken LCD screen- the screen is broken, however, all the other components that are a part of the screen, aside from the LCD itself, are functional. So, you may be able to scrounge a few pieces off of it.



I have recently been burned on eBay, so I will only accept a personal check or a VERIFIED PayPal Account payment.

Please email me directly at the following email with the part(s) you desire and the monetary offer for each:




We can discuss the details from there. I hope these all get bought, because they are in great condition and need a good home in a fully functional iBook.

Hope you find what you are looking for!

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Guest nimpelli
the screen is physically broken? anyway you'll sell the whole ibook instead of parting it?



I will consider selling the whole thing if the price is right. Email an offer to the email listed above.

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