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  1. If you're following it exactly then it won't work quite right because you're using a different video card. The dsdt that's included wasn't made for the kind of card that you have. There are two things you can try: http://stellarola.tumblr.com/post/23846198...-update-ud3p-v3 The longer way would involve first finding a way to install Leopard. Installing Leopard is simpler because there are a lot of different distros that make it pretty easy. Then you would have to redo the USB with Snow Leopard and then run the installer from that link on the USB drive. The USB should then run just fine. Otherwise what you'll need to do is just remove the dsdt from your USB and see if it runs. It may or may not work at all if you remove the dsdt, but I think it will. Though what will happen is that the code in the dsdt to prevent your cmos from being reset will be gone, so once you get Snow Leopard installed you'll have to redo all your BIOS settings. But then once you can get Snow Leopard to boot you can run the installer from the above link and you should be good to go. Either way the special installer from the above linked post is key. A third option would be to edit the dsdt to work with your video card, but I'm not so great with doing that, so if you want to google that around then go for it. It may or may not work if yours isn't the 9800 GTX+ version. I'm not too knowledgeable of the differences, but if they're different enough then the same problem occurs with needing a differently edited dsdt. See above for a similar way to solve your problem.
  2. As far as I can tell your hardware should work with Snow Leopard. Have you followed the Lifehacker steps exactly? If you haven't then please explain what you didn't do, or what you did differently. As far as your old board: according to the wiki, it should be able to run Snow Leopard as well. The wiki is always the best place to start for all answers. http://wiki.osx86project.org
  3. I have a Macbook Air in awesome condition. It's the high end of the second generation, but the only difference between this and the low end of the latest generation is the 128gb ssd! I originally purchased this off of ebay, but the machine itself was purchased in June of this year. There are no scratches on the screen or casing. Also the hinge was just replaced under warranty. It doesn't have Applecare but it's still under warranty until around June of next year. It comes with the Superdrive and the ethernet USB adapter. Also I have a neoprene case that I'll include with it. I'm asking 1500 flat for it. I think it's a fair price as a new one costs the same but doesn't have the ssd or the superdrive. I can also include the Snow Leopard upgrade that I purchased for it as it originally came with Leopard. Pictures available upon request, but as it's pristine condition I don't see the need for it. Also includes original box, etc.
  4. a list of your exact hardware would be helpful.
  5. There is a link in the original posters post to the Lifehacker instructions on how to do this. The bios settings are there: http://lifehacker.com/5351485/how-to-build...start-to-finish But really the only thing you absolutely need to make sure you set is to have the SATA controller set to AHCI.
  6. Ok so I found the way to install Parallels. The instructions are a bit different from the older AMD instructions. Just for peoples' reference, here's how it's done on Parallels 4: 1. Convert the Parallels .dmg with Disk Utility to a read/writeable .dmg and open it with a program which is able to show invisible files (f.e. Path Finder) 'Install' is only a program which directs to the installer's metapackage. It is invisible, so you need a special tool. 2. Open the invisible Install.mpkg's contents and open 'distribution.dist' with TextEdit. 3. Search for this sequence: function pm_install_check() { var result = false; var cpu_check = system.run('./cpu_check'); var is_vm_started = system.run('./vm_check'); 4. Replace this line var cpu_check = system.run('./cpu_check'); with this one Code: var cpu_check = false You don't necessarily need to make the dmg read/write accessible or even use a special tool to see hidden files. You can always use this command in Terminal to see all hidden files in OS X: defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE Then you can just drag and drop the Install.mpkg onto your computer and edit the distribution.dist. These steps allowed me to get Parallels installed. Though I'm still having issues. Currently my machine is running Leopard 10.5.8 and even though Parallels is installed it won't start up a virtual machine because it's saying my CPU doesn't support it. Though I'm fairly sure it does... I'll report back when I know for sure. Edit: Unfortunately my CPU does indeed not support virtualization. I happened to get the one quad core cpu that doesn't... Lame.
  7. Any chance you can tell us what your bios settings are? Only because following the Lifehacker instructions involves disabling the onboard ethernet. Or is that the only thing you didn't do? Because mine isn't very stable. Also, what instructions did you use to get Parallels to install? I tried the instructions to get it to work with AMD, but it didn't work for me. Thanks.
  8. I got it thinking it was going to work with my Mac Mini (which I still haven't sold) but was too late to realize that it wouldn't work. I literally figured it out an hour after I bought it that it wouldn't work. I e-mailed the ebay person to see if they could cancel it but it was too late. So I got it and haven't even installed it or anything. It's just sitting in it's package still. Since I'd rather not pay a 25% restocking fee I'm just going to sell it. I know that this doesn't work in the Mac Mini that I have because it's the GMA 950 chipset. So while it can read and write BD discs, it will never play them under any variations of Windows. It will work, however, with a Macbook with a X3100 chipset and probably any of the Pro's prior to the Fall update. This can burn Blu ray dvds, regular dvds, and cds. I'm looking to get 300 plus shipping. Probably shouldn't be more than 10-15 bucks for shipping though. These drives are special because they are mini-IDE as opposed to the SATA connectors that are in new slim slot loading drives.
  9. nope. and actually i changed out the 500gb hdd. i put in a 160 and dropped the price to 750 shipped. i should probably edit my post.
  10. I got this here on the boards actually last Fall. I've enjoyed it, but it's time for me to move on. It came stock and since then I've upgraded the RAM, hard drive, and wireless card. It comes with the original box, Apple Remote, and restore discs. Awhile back I was going to try to modify the top, so I removed the white panel with the Apple logo on it and now when I change the orientation of the mini I can also change the orientation of the Apple logo to be upright. The wireless card has two antennas. I'm asking 750 for it shipped. I know that's the price of a new mini. I know I can probably find a sucker for it on Craigslist. So really any posts saying how I'm asking too much for it aren't necessary. I just figured if there's someone on here interested in it then I'd rather sell that person than someone on Craigslist. Edit: I'm including an HP 15 inch monitor and an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard.
  11. phanguy

    "Broken" Macbook Pro 15"

    are the keys missing because they don't work? or do they not work because the keys are missing? also, isn't it more like more like 3 years old if it's just a 2.0 core duo?
  12. phanguy

    Craigs list?

    they aren't. you can e-mail but it's more than likely a scam of some sort. most people that want stuff from you will ask you to send it to africa or to have it paid with paypal. while paypal is usually pretty safe, it's still possible to get scammed through it. people that want to sell things will frequently have you pay using western union. trust me. i got scammed once. not gonna happen again. bottom line is that if they aren't willing to meet locally then it's not real.
  13. I need money. New semester is about to start and I need to buy books! So here is what I have. It's the last version of Macbook to be released before the aluminum ones in October. It's the black Macbook or to some, the Blackbook. It it's in great condition with two light scratches on the lid. Other than that it's in great condition. It has 4 gigs of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive. I also bought Apple Care with it. It has all original documentation and discs. It's currently running OS X Leopard, Vista Ultimate, and Ubuntu Linux. I can leave it with everything on it or I'll wipe it first. (Obviously I'd wipe personal information and data) Software wise it has a ton of other programs, notably Office 08 and 07(for the Vista install). The battery still holds a charge of roughly 4 hours (depending on what you're doing). Because of the upgrades and the Apple Care I'm looking for 1300 for it. I know to some that it may seem pretty high, but I think it's pretty fair. That and I need the money. =P The only thing I'd be willing to trade (plus money) for would be an MSI Wind. Which I intend to get as a temporary replacement while I'll save up some money. edit: I'm willing to sell it for 1000 without the 500gb hard drive if anyone is interested. I'll put the 250gb back in there of course.
  14. phanguy

    WTB: G5/Pro Case PreModded for Hackintosh

    sorry it took so long. tough week. anyway here it is. edit: the case came with basically nothing besides the front panel buttons. so i got a piece of aluminum and bent out a little shelf to hold up the dvd drive i had in it at the time. so that's what it is that you see in the fourth picture.
  15. phanguy

    WTB: G5/Pro Case PreModded for Hackintosh

    louisiana. i can put some pictures up later. i'm hoping for about 150 plus whatever it costs to ship. the front panel will work as long as you wire it correctly.