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Updated to 10.5.5, but.......

George Wassef

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Dear Expert Members


i have Dell Latitude D630

Dual Core T7500 2.2 GHZ

2 GB GHZ Ram

Dell Wireless 1390

Intel GMAX3100 VGA Card


i am using iATKOS V4i, and used safe update method from the iATKOS forum, and finally i was successful to update as i have tried many ways but this is the only way worked for me. The problem that after i have updated i started to face some problems and i do not know if others have problems in the update or not and i hope we can share our information so we can find out or highlight the problems happen after the update. i am facing the following:


1. My GMAX3100 Driver that was working before is not fully working now, as imovie was working but now is not working it gives me an error telling me that it needs a VGA card that support Quarz Extreme.

2. My Screen Save was starting automatically and asking for password when i interrupt it, now i has to be started manual and does not ask for the password.



hope all users share the problems and also solutions.



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screen save was sent back to default by the sound of it so it didn't ask for the pass and it's taking it a bit to use your old settings but it shouldn't have changed


and the graphics driver previously installed were wiped by the update and restored to the unmodified apple makes so you installed new ones

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