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  1. Slimbuild-132 Dell D630 guide -fresh install

    after upgrading to 10.5.6 PCMCIA is not working, i tried to install the driver i got from the forum before but is not working, the proplem now that my network card does not want to work and my pcmcia network card is not working also, i do not know where is the problem, can you help me.
  2. Install Guide For Dell Latitude D630 and D830

    is there any scrip or tool to adjust the mic boost. thanks alot
  3. try to repair permissions may be it solves the problem
  4. Install Guide For Dell Latitude D630 and D830

    Hi all, now we have everything working in our D630, except the internal mic, any ideas on how to make it work.
  5. i am using carbon copy cloner to clone my main mac os to my external usb drive, the main problem i was facing is to make the usb disk booting, and i solved this problem by installing chameleon boot on the usb drive i will use for copy. i do not know if this will help or not. Chameleon_1.0.11.zip
  6. Install Guide For Dell Latitude D630 and D830

    i am using the post installeri got it here from the forums it will enable the touch for you, but the overall behave of the touch i do not like it so i decided to use usb mouse http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=97966
  7. Updated to 10.5.5, but.......

    ok, thanks for support i did found the VGA problem solution in the following link and it is now working perfectly http://scottdangel.com/blog/ and the problem of my screen saver solved by itself, it is now working and i do not know what is the problem.
  8. do anybody have any idea about making the GMAX3100 working good with 10.5.5, as it is working but not fully like before. on 10.5.4 installation i was able to run imovie, but now it tells me that it need QE VGA.
  9. Updated to 10.5.5, but.......

    Dear Expert Members i have Dell Latitude D630 Dual Core T7500 2.2 GHZ 2 GB GHZ Ram Dell Wireless 1390 Intel GMAX3100 VGA Card i am using iATKOS V4i, and used safe update method from the iATKOS forum, and finally i was successful to update as i have tried many ways but this is the only way worked for me. The problem that after i have updated i started to face some problems and i do not know if others have problems in the update or not and i hope we can share our information so we can find out or highlight the problems happen after the update. i am facing the following: 1. My GMAX3100 Driver that was working before is not fully working now, as imovie was working but now is not working it gives me an error telling me that it needs a VGA card that support Quarz Extreme. 2. My Screen Save was starting automatically and asking for password when i interrupt it, now i has to be started manual and does not ask for the password. hope all users share the problems and also solutions. thanks
  10. Darwin Bootloader FAQ

    Dear All, i am trying to clone my MAC OS X Partition before i am updating my system as a backup, i do this using super duper or carbon copy, as i have both. i do the cloning on my USB2 external hard drive on MBR Partition which i erased it with 0 security option before the cloning. my problem now that when i finish the cloning and try to restart from the external drive, i got this error Boot 0 = MBR Boot 0 = MBR Boot 0 = MBR Boot 0 Error and i do not know how to fix this error Thanks for helping
  11. How much do you trust your hackintosh?

    i trust my hack pro 100%, first i was install my hack pro on USB External drive for around 1 month, then when i get sure of stability i removed my Vista from my Dell Latitude D630, and i installed iATKOS v4, running it as my main os now, and have parallel for xp virtual machine for some applications that i do not have replacement on mac. my only problem is the update to 10.5.5 and i will install another hack pro on my external hard drive and test upgrades on it, but the problem that it need some time each time to install the new mac os.
  12. i forgot to customize the post install patch and now after restart it hangs with the message that i have to restart my computer bye holding down the power button. When i boot with -V i got a yellow line that the system failed to upload one of the kexts but i do not get it cause the screen moves fast. and it stopped with the last line of the kernel info with my laptop model. can you help me to recover form this , or i shall install a new system ? thanks and sorry for disturbing. Note: i managed to boot with -x option after removing the VGA kexts. but i am still not able to boot into the normal mode. I am running on Dell D630 iATKOS v4i 2 GB RAM GMAX3100 VGA
  13. Install Guide For Dell Latitude D630 and D830

    My Dear, thanks for this wonderful guide now i have removed windows vista from my C drive and i am using the MAC OS 10.5.4 iATKOS after i followed your steps. I have minor problems with my laptop but i hope you can help me avoiding them : 1. When i shutdown the laptop it does not power off, it shutdown everything but it leave the power led and the bluetooth led, as well as if any external usb drive connected on even if i left it for hours. 2. the laptop sometimes freeze when i leave it for a while 3. the mute button does not mute the sound thanks for your guide again. i was dreaming of being an mac along time ago.
  14. i am sorry for disturbing you all, but i am new on MAC and when i extract the contents of the zip files i got the following items and i do not know how to install them
  15. Network Solution for Leopard

    i am using PCMCIA Realtek RTL8139/810x Family 10/100 and is working perfectly on my iATKOS 10.5.4