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New macbook air or new 15" macbook pro

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i'm a usually a basic user but would like to be able to play halo maybe halo 2 in vista or XP. I would plan on keeping the system for a few years maybe 3 or so. What i'm after above all is portablity but i know i should be concerned with longgevity of the system. one of the dissiding factors for me was an upgradeable cpu in macbook pro but the new "unibody" macbook pro its not. so like the air what ever i get im stuck with.


all i need is



word 2008

youtube video- core 2 duo i would think can handle that :)

halo- not worried about FPS (i played it on my old ibook G3 900 and i ran just fine for me)

halo 2 - im not betting on it but id be happy if i could run it set all to lw and at 640x480 or something

bootcamp- xp pro 32-bit and vista

HD video viewing 1080p

h.264 (i've heard the new macbooks have hardwear h.264 decoding turned on)


to me the pro seems to be the better buy from a preformance stand point

but im leaning to the air (main reason i think it will still look cool 3yrs from now all thin like)

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I think the 9400 in the new Air would work out fine for Halo 2.


Neither machine has a screen res capable of full 1080p, you'd need the 17" with the high-res (1920x1200) option to do that.


You'll have to install Vista via Boot Camp in order to play Halo 2, but if you need XP too then you could run it in VMware Fusion (Boot Camp only supports one OS AFAIK)

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