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  1. i'm a usually a basic user but would like to be able to play halo maybe halo 2 in vista or XP. I would plan on keeping the system for a few years maybe 3 or so. What i'm after above all is portablity but i know i should be concerned with longgevity of the system. one of the dissiding factors for me was an upgradeable cpu in macbook pro but the new "unibody" macbook pro its not. so like the air what ever i get im stuck with. all i need is safari word 2008 youtube video- core 2 duo i would think can handle that halo- not worried about FPS (i played it on my old ibook G3 900 and i ran just fine for me) halo 2 - im not betting on it but id be happy if i could run it set all to lw and at 640x480 or something bootcamp- xp pro 32-bit and vista HD video viewing 1080p h.264 (i've heard the new macbooks have hardwear h.264 decoding turned on) to me the pro seems to be the better buy from a preformance stand point but im leaning to the air (main reason i think it will still look cool 3yrs from now all thin like)
  2. iPods with no Firewire Sync?

    yah cuz a usb 2.0 hub will magically make usb 1.1 run at 480mbs from 12mbs. sorry but i just had to poke fun.
  3. cant play videos on iMac G3 running tiger 10.4.11

    nothing you can do every mHz counts in an iMac G3. try killing unneeded processes in activity monitor "universal access" use vlc don't use fullscreen set screen resolution to 640x480 thousands of colors. also you could try using aticcelorator II to overclock you GPU (i OC'ed my GPU from about 73mHz up to 80-85mHz w/o a fan. I've heard that down grading to 10.3.9 makes a big difference. The problem may just be your .avi file. I've watched lots of video on my iMac G3 350 with 512mb ram just fine sum avi files didn't run as good if they ended up being encoded as xvid. My hardware recommendation is up your ram to 512, get a 7200RPM hard disk, OC your GPU (set screen colors to thousands not millions).
  4. Does any body know of any reason why I cant/shouldn’t use a 24” (80 pin) IDE cable in my iMac G3 SL? I’m trying to use the ide bus in my iMac with both an internal hard disk and an internal PC combo drive on the same ribbon cable. The system bus is ATA 33 so I think I should be fine using up to 24” (18" is standard) on and 80-pin cable. The combo drive is going to be outside the iMac case so that’s why I need the extra length. Also both drives are going to be powered using the one Molex connector that’s supposed to only power the internal hard disk, so far its working ok but does any one think it might cause problems down the road? Can the one power connector safely power both drives? Also are their going to be any performance hits if the hard disk is on the middle connector instead of the last connector on the end of the cable? (the hard disk is set to master and the CD-RW/DVD is set to slave)
  5. Help! This is driving me crazy. When I plug in my iPod Shuffle Gen 2 and open iTunes 7.5 My shuffle automatically re-copies certain songs, re-encodes the same songs to AAC 128 and then transfers to iPod even if it’s already on iPod. It does this every time it’s connected with iTunes open (or if connected then open iTunes) When I check my songs on the shuffle while its syncing I noticed that it seems to magically loose the last 30 some tracks and then re-copies them even thou I was listening to them on the iPod before the sync just fine (so I know they were on the iPod). Back when I used my Shuffle in June with the at the time most recent version of iTunes I had no problems I always manually put my music on the shuffle I never used the auto fill feature and when I connected my iPod to my iMac it synced normally for about 15 seconds (my guess to update play counts and things of that sort) then stopped syncing and all was well then for a few months I stopped using it. Then recently I connected it to my iMac just before thanks giving (11/22/07) using iTunes 7.5 I restored my shuffle to delete my music that went fine the shuffle has firmware 1.0.3 just as it did before then I went to put my new music on my shuffle I did it manually just as I always have album by album they were encoded and transferred by iTunes 7.5. Then later in the morning I disconnected the iPod then later reconnected the iPod and it auto synced as expected but what was different about the sync was it started to re-copy some of my songs I checked all of my songs that were on my iPod and they were still on their so I didn’t know why it was recopying the songs and now it keeps on doing it every time I connect the shuffle to my iMac. How can I make it stop? I’ve tried restoring it but I get the same problem I’ve tried updating the firmware but there are no new updates for the shuffle. I’ve try looking at google and apple support web site but can’t find any fixes.
  6. Best distro of Linux/UNIX for my iMac G3

    I just don’t want it any slower then 10.4.10 is for me with 512mb ram (I don’t do much multitasking so I almost never run out of ram unless I'm using Azureus) Also I want a good looking gui that will work with my Ati 3D Rage
  7. Best distro of Linux/UNIX for my iMac G3

    solaris 10?
  8. Best distro of Linux/UNIX for my iMac G3

    What would be the best distro of Linux or UNIX free or commercial for my iMac G3 350mHz?
  9. This probably sounds crazy but what would be some good upgrades for my iMac G3 350. Or should I even waste the money, I don’t want to spend over $100. Current specs are: 350mHz PowerPC G3 Unupgradeable Ati 3D RageVR 8MB VRAM over clocked 85mHz with fan 100mHz (stock 72mHz) 1 yr. old 40GB 7200rpm Western Digital Hard Disk 512MB SDRAM PC133 (2x256) 24x CD-ROM Internal original Airport 802.11b Original keyboard from 1998 Some old usb ball mouse for a PC I already want to get the new silver iMac keyboard and wired mighty mouse. Also if I were to upgrade my CD-ROM to DVD can my iMac even play DVDs at full fps? Because when I play ipod video formatted podcasts in MPEG4 they don’t even play at full fps when I set my monitor to thousands of colors at 1024x768 and for. avi 800x600.
  10. Can this iMac G3 run OSX?

    Is there a way to force quartz extreme on an imac g3 350 w/ 3d rage vr 8mb vram?
  11. iMac G3 DV "bad ram" error

    the logic board may be bad I have an imac G3 350 and because of its age it may need replacing.
  12. But can I bypass it?
  13. I don't want to reset the password I want to keep the current password (lets say I forgot)
  14. Does anybody know how? or temp get full root from login menu without admin password (I messed up my mac and dont want to use the install cd to reset the password just for fun I guess)