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Two Internet conections. Is it possible?

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I was wondering if is it possible to menage two internet conections at the same time.

For exemple: 1 lan and 1 bluetooth.

I would like to use the bluetooth 3g cel phone conection to download torrents, because it does not have trafic shapping.

And use my cable/lan to navigate on the web.

Is it possible?


Thanks in advance.



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On the same machine? Not exactly.


Once a connection has been established as your internet connection, all internet traffic will be directed/received from there.


There may be something I'm not aware of, but out of the box I don't believe it possible.

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I was just about to ask if anyone here was aware of how to activate "channel bonding" for 802.11n.


I had just tweaked my kext files to enable my linksys wmp300n on my Hackintosh, and I have a ton more signals than my macbook pro, and it got me thinking, is there a way to bond wifi signals together.


Turns out it is part of the 802.11n specification...



Anyone know how to do this?

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