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  1. AppleHDA Patcher

    Need help with ALC269 and High Sierra. Mic is not working. I have tried all 7 possibilities. AppleALC with Audio id 29 works fine for me on Sierra, but I have kernel panic with High Sierra. I need to include AppleALC id 29 to AppleHDAPatcher. I there any tutorial to make this?
  2. Ring Ratio? You could try to use another frequency vector or change ring ratio. What is your CPU?
  3. Hi. I know it is an old thread, but I need some help with returning from sleep on my laptop (Dell 5557). When I open my lid, system come back from sleep with the screen turned off. I need to press a key on keyboard or press the power button again to make the screen on again. Does it has anything related to this patch? If so, could you please help me making a patch specific to my Graphic Card? I am using ig-platform-id 0x19160000 for Intel® HD Graphics 520. Thanks.
  4. telepati, you need ssdt.aml ou the tiny ssdt to work correctly.
  5. Thanks tluck. Now I understood. On my Dell 5557 Core i7 6500u I was getting about 6h on battery when surfing the web and doing some programing. Now, after enabling full power management, my battery lasts about 8h or a little bit more. I am using MacBook9,1 SMBIOS and based to what you have wrote, 781e0000 should be my EPP. 78 means 120 decimal, so the default for MacBook9,1 is Balance Performance, almost Balance Power. I am happy with the performance and battery, so I will keep it as is. As dpassmor said, we don´t need to use hwpenable on clover or kext. PM works just fine even after sleep without that. Thank you for your help. I would like to thank syscl, dpassmor, PMheart, tluck, nomadturk and all the people sharing their finds and knowledge here. I learned a lot with you.
  6. How did you change the EPP to 192? I could not find where to change this value. Now it is working. Wrong Clover version. Updating to Clover_v2.4k_r4003 was the fix.
  7. my files.zip Didn´t work for me. The patch is not preventing the kernel panic and reboot after trying the tiny ssdt. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
  8. I saw i5 6300U has a maximum 2.9Ghz on dual core Turbo mode. 3.0 Ghz is for single core. Maybe your tests are just showing dual core performance. Very interesting. I guess why does Apple keeps this vectors so high. Maybe you are right. Changing this level down won't let any benefits on battery duration.
  9. I think 1.2Ghz is too high. How could a MacBook maintain it's battery for 10hours of iTunes or iBook? Did you change "D" to "4" to have 400Mhz as you lower frequency? Just trying to understand if everybody is getting the same results.
  10. How is it on a real MacBook9,1? Does it could not get cpu frequencies lower than 1.2Ghz? And the turbo frequency? Have you reached 3.2ghz on full load?
  11. syscl, are you shure that is it really needed to have pykeralpha's ssdtprgen ssdt to achieve the same results? I am not using it and my system works just fine only with hwpenabler kext and a script to reload after sleep. I don't have any data corruption and system is very stable anyway. Maybe, patching frequency vectors is all that we need to have correct power management. Looking into the picture you have posted, maximum cpu frequency achieved was about 3Ghz and it should be 3.2Ghz, isn't it?
  12. 10.7.3. is OUT !

    You are wright. Some Atheros Wi-Fi cards are breaking the boot with "Still Waiting for Root Device" error. There must be a problem with new Atheros kexts and Atheros chipsets not recognized by Apple. I fixed the problem using 10.7.2 IO80211Family.kext just like jazzyguy did.
  13. Better have another SSD Drive for Windows or to use one of those SATA. I don't know exactly those burner models, but you should have sleep issues with them. Better buy a Sony one.
  14. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Olá Mald0n. Estou montando um Hackintosh de presente para o meu irmão. A placa mãe dele é uma ASUS P5k SE com processador C2Q Q6600. A Placa de video é uma ATI Radeon HD3850. Não sei como fazê-la funcionar QI/CE. Já tentei Graphics Enable no Chameleon (trunk) e também editando os kexts da ATI. Se vc souber algum modo, por favor me avisa. Mas eu estou querendo mesmo é uma ajuda para melhorar o dsdt. Estou postando aqui o original. Ela tem Audio ALC883 e Lan Attensic L1. O chipset é Intel ICH9 com Bios modificada para suportar AHCI. Te agradeço antecipadamente. dsdt.rar