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Toast 7 Problem


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Hey guys,


I've been burning(backing up) dvd's the past couple of days and i have just started to encounter a problem, one which i am almost sure is toast 7 problem. OK, here goes:


So, i use FFMpeg X to convert file to DVD, and i made sure its set to NTSC(29.97).


Then, i take to imported VIDEO_TS file, and put it into Toast 7 for the burn, and i made sure that is set to NTSC(29.97). So, this has been working for me for a while now, but i have been coming accross a strange problem recently.


I can play the VIDEO_TS file FINE in OSX's "DVD Player" app, AND i can play the burned DVD in the DVD player app as well.....now the problem is when i take that burned DVD and try to play it in my home DVD player, i still see a picture and hear sound, but the picture is in blocks in the spots that move, mostly in the top and bottom as well. In addition, if i try to play the DVD in my Playstation 2, it won't even play...YET IT PLAYS ABLSOLUTELY FINE IN MY COMPUTER.


Please, does anyone have any ideas as to what could be the problem


Thanks in advance,


any help is greatly appreciated, i'm willing to try anything



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