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  1. JuzzMann

    [NEED HELP] dsdt dell inspiron n311z

    Hey, just wondering if you ever figured this out. Thanks, Justin
  2. JuzzMann

    HP Pavilion dm4 - 1160us

    Hi rlf, thanks for the link, but I've already seen the thread =/ When I found it the other day, I was excited to see that one user uploaded the file I needed!...only to find that the link was dead =( thanks again, can anyone else help? JB
  3. JuzzMann

    HP Pavilion dm4 - 1160us

    Hey all, My dad did a bad flash update and now his lappy is bricked. I was wondering if someone with the same laptop ( HP Pavilion dm4 - 1160us ) would find it in their heart to go their HP_TOOLS partition and take 01433.bin file from the "Current" folder and upload it. I can't find the .bin file anywhere else because 1) I've deleted the HP_TOOLS partition a while ago. 2) The BIOS update available on HP's website contains an unconvertable ( if that's a word ) 01433.FD file. I'd like to install Lion on it, but first I have to sort this problem out ( obviously ). Thanks in advance, JB
  4. JuzzMann

    10.6.5 + PS/2-Keyboard?

    the above didn't work for me =/ any other suggestions?
  5. HP/Phoenix bios version F.34 or F.3b? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you, Justin
  6. can some please tell me what to do with the .FD file attached in the first post. Thanks in advance! Justin
  7. Hey everyone, I was wondering if you someone could lead me in the right direction towards a guide for editing whitelist on my dv2415us laptop. I plan to put in a Dell 1390 card, but I get the dreaded 104 error. I have the F.39 bios installed, but I couldn't find any guide specific to those bios...do the guide need to be specific to those bios?...will this work for me http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=120190 Thanks in advance, Please any information would help, Justin
  8. JuzzMann

    Working 1680x1050 x3100 kexts!

    Hey everyone, I had these kexts working great in Leopard, but now that I've got to 10.6.2, they don't work anymore....can someone help me please?? Thanks, Justin
  9. Hey everybody, I was just wondering if anyone has gotten two-finger scrolling to work on their Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop. Thanks in advance, Justin
  10. JuzzMann

    HP TX1000Z Tablet Compatibility with Leopard

    hey all, has anyone gotten QE/CI with GeForce 6150 GO??...just curious Thanks in advance, Justin
  11. JuzzMann

    Inspiron 1525

    Hey all, I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 and i'm tryin to put 10.5.6 on it. I was advised not to install any video drivers and that the vanilla ones would work, but everytime I install, i end up with a black screen, the only way to bypass this and get to the desktop is if i go into Single user mode and delete all the GMA stuff and the integrated framebuffer. By the way, the sleep trick doesn't work for me....so i put the edited DSDT for my laptop(from a reliable source) into "Macintosh HD" and i still get a black screen upon boot....can somebody please help me?!?! I'm at my wits end with this! Thanks in advance!! Justin
  12. JuzzMann

    Compaq Presario V6000

    hey everybody, Just wanted to know if someone can help me installing tiger, any version, doesn't matter, i'll update later...onto my compaq presario V6000 laptop...i had to revert back to tiger after realizing that my graphics card (nVidia GeForce GO 6150) is unsupported in leopard. Anyway, my problem is that wen the install DVD boots up, i can't get the dam thing to read my hard drive, i've tried Kalyway 10.4.10, uphuck 10.4.9, and JaS 10.4.8. Can someone please help me!! here are my specs: Compaq Presario V6000 laptop: 1.6 GHz AMD Turion Dual Core 1 GB DDR2 RAM 100 GB Fujistu SATA hard drive (nForce chipset i believe) nVidia GeForce GO 6150 set to 64MB of shared memory anything else you need to know, just let me know. Thanks in advance!! oo and by the way, i can't change anything in my bios except boot order because friggin compaq restricts their bios!!
  13. Hey all, I just wanted to see what you guys think of my band, halfdone!! Please take a listen and leave ur comments good or bad... http://www.myspace.com/halfdone31
  14. JuzzMann

    Anyone have this?

    nope, its not there, i checked already...i don't know wat else to do...people say they have support in leopard but i don't know how....anyone can help me? thanks again