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Security Update from Apple


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After some shopping (sound, video and network) my hackintosh is running smoothly. Really better and faster than Windows Vista.

So, now I'm receiving a warning from Apple saying that there are Software and security updates available. May I accept and Update or this will F* with my Mac OS?


Available updates:



iPhoto Update 7.1

Remote Desktop Client Update 3.2.2

HP Printer Update 1.1.1

iTunes 8.0.1

Update 2 for Java 1.0

Securuty Update 2008-2007 1.0






My config


Motherboard Intel DG965RY

Sound, vídeo and network onboard (not work, so I disable all and install new stuff)

Sound: cheapest USB sound card (+/- US$ 10,00 in Brazil)

Vídeo: XFX GeForce 7300LE (required for install process) (+/- US$ 70.00 in Brazil)

Network: Encore ENL832-TX-RENT (+/- US$ 7,00 in Brazil)

Keyboard: USB PT BR ABNT 2 (acentuação funcionando perfeitamente) (Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard PS2 not work)

Mouse: Microsoft Wheel Optical USB + Wacom Bamboo Fun USB


HDD SATA (configured as AHCI at BIOS - very importan!)

HDD EIDE inside a USB enclosure *



*I'm just leaving here this information because anyone can use the search engine to find this if has the same problem:

...do not try to format a EIDE's partition on a USB encloser. Disk Utilities will destroy your MBR :)

I try that with this disk (my system is on the other) and disk utilities just shown an error message and destroy my MBR. No file or partitions available... that disk has two partitions and my intention was to format one as HFS+ and leave the other as NTFS. Well... many hours later I found Linux SystemRescueCd at http://www.sysresccd.org/ and with TestDisk tool I finally recover my disk. After this I just use my iDeneb disk to format one partition as HFS+.

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To check yourself if this is safe update:-


download the update packages instead from apple's download site to your desktop


open these packages one by one using plistEdit Pro and check what they will install


Green to move ahead if they do not touch any system files

Yellow if some system files are changed. backup those folders before running of the packages.

Red if they change the kernel, the extensions , frameworks... all these will have potential to mess up the system. Look for advise from this forum.

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Tank you spanakorizo, but how do you know that? There are a place to verify this kind of thing? A website to search for secure updates for hackintoshs?


Thank you again!

i know that because i've done all of them.

anyway those security updates are no problem

a problem would be with a major update like 10.5.4---->10.5.5

trust me

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Thank you spanakorizo and allenwkk.


well, plistEdit Pro is not a free tool... anyway, I just use Time Machine and apply the updates as you suggest. But now I turn Time Machine off to save disk space, but I believe that I can turn on anytime and recover my system to the stage of today if necessary.


Thank you guys for your assistance.

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