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nForce 680i installation success with iDeneb 1.3


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Hey all,


With the number of requests about 680i boards, just thought I'd share my recent success.


I installed this on a BFG Tech nForce 680i mobo with an MSI 8800GTS 512MB, and three hard drives. The hard drive I installed on was pata, and I used a sata dvd drive to install from. I used iDeneb 10.5.5 v 1.3 WITHOUT the ppf patch for nForce users. I was able to boot fine without it, not sure if that patch would help or deter things, feel free to try it out and let us know. I was able to boot perfectly using boot flags:


-x -v -legacy idlehalt=0 cpus=1


Once booted, I formatted as an MBR partition, and installed with these options: For chipset I used the old applenforceata.kext; for video I selected the NVInject for 512MB cards, and used the 9.4.0 stage XNU kernel (numbers may not be exactly correct), and for audio I used the azaliaout audio option. After the install, I was able to boot up without any flags, and the only thing that didn't work was my dvd drive. So I manually installed the new applenforceata.kext and that fixed my dvd drive.


I tried installing with the new nforceata kext instead of the old, but for some reason it would not boot, so I had to use the old and manually update. Maybe I did something wrong the first time, but the second time around this way worked for me and so I stuck with it.


I now have full graphics acceleration, sleep (first time I've ever had that on this computer), audio, sata read (haven't tested write), no heat issues with cpu, and both cores working perfectly. This is the most perfect I've ever been able to get a hackintosh install to work on this computer, so I'm very excited. Hope this helps some of you, if you want more details just let me know; I mainly just wanted to let you guys know how well the new iDeneb works on nForce boards. And with the added ppf to solve the "still waiting for root device", it should be even more compatible.



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