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Best osx version for P35-DS3L

iDeneb kalyway or boot132  

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  1. 1. iDeneb kalyway or boot132

    • iDeneb
    • Kalyway
    • Boot-132

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Just curious to know anybody elses experience using a P35-DS3L (gigabyte) motherboard with osx.

I already have a copy of kalyway and a retail disc (could use boot-132 method)


Just wondering out of ideneb, kalyway and boot-132 which would you say is better/best for this specific motherboard?


I know kalyway has a great how to guide from weaksauce although some issues with updating to 10.5.5 at the moment, and boot-132 has a great guide by cyberbuddhah, haven't found anything for ideneb yet?


Anyone have any suggestions?

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I personally would use the Boot-132 Method. It is the easiest to maintain and update. Use this guide here. His MOBO is very similar to his and I used it to install my DS3L.





One minor diference is instead of using his Boot 132 iso i used one custom made for the DS3L and it can be found here.





Good Luck.

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I have the GA-P35-DS3L (revision 2) with a Q6600, and I used iATKOS 4.1i. iDENEB had sound working out of the box (alc888 - not the taruga one in the intstaller, but the plain "alc888" option), but I couldn't get video working. iATKOS had video working, but no sound, and I got that working easy.


I would recommend iDENEB for you.

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Heres the skinny. I've been looking and prodding around in the OSx86 world since it started. Having a Macbook Pro, I know and love being able to just download updates and go, no fumbling with downloading patched updates or reinstalls. For that reason alone I would say go the Boot-132 method. Plus once everyting is up and running you will have the closest to a real Mac system possible at this time. The only downfall is that the install process can be frustrating or troublesome sometimes. Luckily this board (and its variants) are pretty well supported in the community.


BUT, if you want a fast easy setup then the way to go is iDeneb. Not much to worry about here. Everything should basically work right after the initial install.


Good luck!

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