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  1. alc888 on 10.5.7 not working

    I have an alc888 sound chip on a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L (rev 2.0) motherboard. I'm running 10.5.7 from iATKOS 7. I have tried using VoodooHDA, and this allows me to select an output device in the sound options, but under System Profiler, it doesn't show any audio devices. I have also tried using the AppleHDA option on the iATKOS disk, this gives me no options in Sound options, and no device detected in System Profiler. I have tried using AppleHDA patcher on the AppleHDA option, and this gave me a device in System Profiler.... But nothing in Sound Options. I really don't want to have to install Windows 7 again, because I really do love me some OS X... So I'm begging for some assistance. :'(
  2. Prob with install on GA-P35-DS3L (won't boot)

    A little bit of Googleing around shows that "-x" is "safe boot". My little research leads me to believe that it loads minimal kexts. This would the include the faulty video card driver and unfortunately your network driver as well. Which of the nVidia drivers did you select when you installed your system?
  3. Prob with install on GA-P35-DS3L (won't boot)

    http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry915896 Actually... Look there. A little bit of looking and it seems like it might be an issue with display drivers. What video card/driver are you running?
  4. Can't install programs (specifically World of Warcraft)

    I didn't realize it was a PowerPC installer that runs on Rosetta. Huh. I just checked mine, and my classic WoW is a PowerPC installer. I would guess something is messed up with your Rosetta implementation somewhere, just like you guessed. I would try the iATKOS 4.1i disk as well if I was you. I have it on my system, and I can do vanilla updates from Apple with no tricks, and WoW installed just fine.
  5. Best osx version for P35-DS3L

    I have that with my iATKOS install. Only reboots I need are when Apple says "you must reboot after this update".
  6. I have no idea. I think P45 boards work with a BIOS hack, but P35 boards are supported wonderfully. P45 boards might get the same level of support after the next iMac/Mac Pro update. As for GA-P35-* vs GA-EP35-*, I think it depends on what feature set you get. AFAICT, all the Gigabyte P35 boards work fine with minimal work needed. There's several threads on EP35 and P35 installation, just take a look a couple and make a decision based on that. btw. if it helps. My GA-P35-DS3L only need a quick run of HDAPatcher and everything works fine. iATKOS 4.1i.
  7. Another "which OSx86"...

    The reason they delete them is because if they got left, this forum would be 80% people whining about which disk they should use, and 20% people with legitimate installation issues. Look around on the forums, see what people with similar hardware configurations are doing and them find a disk. iATKOS, iDENEB and Kalyway are big ones. Knowing what chipsets you have and what extensions your CPU supports is a good thing too. $10 on this thread being gone by midnight.
  8. 4 Cores?

    No idea. If this were Linux and GRUB... No sweat. OS X... No idea. This is where someone with experience in this sort of thing should jump in and tell us noobs how it is.
  9. 4 Cores?

    When i go into System Profiler, under "Hardware" (the main label, not the sub-labels) I show "Total number of cores: 4" If that's what you mean.
  10. 4 Cores?

    I don't have to do that. Maybe a difference between the G33 and P35 chipsets is causing the issue? EDIT: Also; I installed off of the iATKOS v4.1i disk (OS X 10.5.4). I doubt it'll make a difference, but really; mobo and choice of install disk are the only differences between our two systems.
  11. 4 Cores?

    I'm using stock (vanilla) kernel on mine.
  12. 4 Cores?

    Go into Activity Monitor (Finder --> Applications --> Utiliites --> Activity Monitor). At the bottom of the screen it will show the CPU activity box(s). If you really only have 1 core working, then there will be only 1 box. If you have 4 cores working, then there will be 4. If there is only 1, I would suggest doing as verdant suggested and finding a different kernel.
  13. 4 Cores?

    Hit "More Info" in the "About this Mac" screen and it should tell you how many cores.
  14. Retail Leopard DVD using MBR for SSE2 and 900 GMA?

    (sorry... Here's the GMA 900 link: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=110176 ) And about the boot device error.... I think it might because, in my experience, Leopard pretty much requires an SATA hard drive and DVD ROM drive. Again, I might be wrong, since I've only been using OSx86 for about a week, but my understanding is that installation on IDE is pretty much limited to 10.4 (Tiger). Be nice to get someone who has been using OSx86 for longer than I and knows more about the scene to chime in. I have an HP dv4000, almost exactly the same specs (I have about half the RAM you do), and *if* I try and put OSx86 on there, it will almost certainly be Tiger, just because I know it is much more supported than Leopard. Sorry I'm not much help. :-\
  15. Hackintosh and Pc in One

    You're right. It won't. And Windows can't even read the filesystem on an OS X drive, even if it *is* MBR. And to the OP: If you format your sample drives as FAT32 and install just the libraries there, you should be able to use them in both Windows and OS X.