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Had an idea about a virtualization solution...

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I had an idea about a virtualization solution, though I may be wrong about it.


My idea is to create a very low-level kernel that just passes everything off to everything else... Very close to the hardware, and very low on the processor. I don't have kernel-writing experience, just creativity and structural focus.


I was going to [maybe] start a project on it. I just want to know if it'd be a good idea. It certainly sounds like one, having a very small partition for a very small OS that reads off of other bootloaders and runs them in a private environment, and a pause-able one at that. Dual core computers would especially be able to take advantage of it, one operating system running off of each core. Video would have to be composited, or at least the host operating system would have to load some kind of driver, such as VMWare's Unity, which extracts the window from the guest operating and makes it look more in line with everything else.


I really want to see something like this because I keep having to switch to Windows with Boot Camp, because the VMWare Fusion just isn't enough.


Side-note: I have a macbook, I love OS X, I just wish I had bought mine now instead of in June, because I reeeaaaally want that nVidia graphics card...

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