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Grub -vista, linux osx

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So I have Vista, OSX and Linux installed on 1 HD

can I use grub to boot OSX?

if so how


HD has 4 partitions


0 - grub

1 - vista

2 - OSX

3 - linux



title Vista

rootnoverify (hd0,1)


chainloader +1


title OSX

rootnoverify (hd0,2)


chainloader +1



Vista works but OSX doesnt?


root (hd0,1) starts vista and I know OSX is the next partition.

I double checked with vista disk management


Thank You

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Mac OS X Leopard
root	   (hd0, 2)
chainloader	+1



works on mine


Yep, it is the right code to write in your grub list and and if it doesn't work, download EFI v8 and put it on your folder extra... Anyway, here is the clear way!



To use Chameleon with Grub, do the following:

1) Download Chameleon (current version) from chameleon.osx86.hu

2) dd boot1 to the partition you have OS X installed onto.

3) copy boot to the root directory of your OS X partion

4) ignore the boot0 file -- it overwrites grub in your MBR and you don't need it with grub.

5) edit your grub menu.lst file to chainload in the usual manner, I.E.-- my OS X entry now reads:


title Mac OSX Leopard

rootnoverify (hd?,?) (replace ? with the values Grub uses for OSX partition -- differs from pc_efi method)

chainloader (hd?,?)+1 (same values)


This is much easier and more standardized, hence I consider the following pc_efi method depreciated.




[EDIT -- this is intended for MBR partitioning. If you used GUID, see keso7's post below also


Linux lives nicely in the extended partition of an MBR system. FreeBSD will put its own slices in an MBR primary partition.]


Get boot_v8 (The pc_efi bootloader)

(Google "pc_efi v8.0 download")


Copy it to /boot inside linux [EDIT -- or FreeBSD]


Then edit /boot/grub/menu.lst


title Mac OSX Leopard

root (hd?,?) (replace with same values grub uses for Linux partition, not ones for OSX partition)

kernel /boot/boot_v8


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I got it.


the part missing in all the tutorials is that you need to copy the Darwin boot loader

off of the kalyaway cd using linux. You then place that file in the root folder of the OSX partition and everthing works great.


When installing linux and Vista the bootloader is erased.

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Why copy darwin?! The only thing you need is to boot directly to your linux part, after copy the file to the /boot folder, and after modify grub list. And Darwin will stay there, when you select the OS X part in GRUB. The only thing you can do is to put silent boot or put on 1 the countdown for selecting...


That's right or not?

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