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HELP! Downloaded Leopard Graphics Update= BLUE SCREEN


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I downloaded the Leopard Graphics Update thingy cuz my resolution wont change!! (1068x768 or somthin like that) :(

Now, it doesnt even load and stays at the blue screen w/ no cursor at all let it sit for 5 hours, still nothing... :unsure:

Any solutions!!?!?!/ I tried /movevideodrivers thingy but didnt work... i tried reinstalling but it said unmount failed or sumthing

i really dont want to reinstall i just want it to boot and get my right screen resolution!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1680x1050)

So can someone PLEASE tell me how to boot in leopard again, then changing the screen resolution w/o getting the blue screen again!!!

I apprecieate it :(



AMD 4850 e x2 400 2.5 ghz

ATI sapphire 3450 400 mhz

4 gb ram kingston

500 gb hardrive


if you need more info. for specs or anything else plz reply and tell me


im using kalyway 10.5.2

i tried leo4all but network wouldnt work so i used kalyway


any help! pleease

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im just gonna reinstall it but how do i get my video card to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (all i want it to do is change resolution to 1680x 1050)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Also, I need to change resolution W/O the blue screen showing up!!! i dont want that to happen again :blowup:

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