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    ATI Radeon HD 34xx Tutorial Please?

    dang.. thanks for the reply anyway
  2. ausesher

    ATI Radeon HD 34xx Tutorial Please?

    Im trying to run Final Cut Studio on my Hackintosh but I cant because my graphic cards seem to be unrecognized how do i make it recognized!!!!!!/?!!?!?!? Sorry I am really new to this kext stuff so i dont know what to do so step by step instruction will X-TREMELY help me out. my graphics card is ati radeon hd 3450 what should i do!@
  3. im just gonna reinstall it but how do i get my video card to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (all i want it to do is change resolution to 1680x 1050)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PPLLLEEEEAASE I BEG FOR SOMEONE TO ANSWSER!!! Also, I need to change resolution W/O the blue screen showing up!!! i dont want that to happen again
  4. pleeeasse!!! ANYONE HELP ME
  5. yea i tried but no change at all
  6. I downloaded the Leopard Graphics Update thingy cuz my resolution wont change!! (1068x768 or somthin like that) Now, it doesnt even load and stays at the blue screen w/ no cursor at all let it sit for 5 hours, still nothing... Any solutions!!?!?!/ I tried /movevideodrivers thingy but didnt work... i tried reinstalling but it said unmount failed or sumthing i really dont want to reinstall i just want it to boot and get my right screen resolution!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1680x1050) So can someone PLEASE tell me how to boot in leopard again, then changing the screen resolution w/o getting the blue screen again!!! I apprecieate it Specs: AMD 4850 e x2 400 2.5 ghz ATI sapphire 3450 400 mhz 4 gb ram kingston 500 gb hardrive if you need more info. for specs or anything else plz reply and tell me im using kalyway 10.5.2 i tried leo4all but network wouldnt work so i used kalyway any help! pleease