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Gigabyte MA-GA78GM-S2H MainBoard and ATI SB700 SATA AHCI controller and ATI HD 3200 Driver

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I installed Leo4All4.1


You should know that


if you want to use that board you cant use SATA support on MAC OSX86.

because there is no driver for this.


I found some drivers related to SB600 and SB700.


I modified Leo4Allv4.1 DVD by adding SB700 kexts to DVD Extensions Folder.

and then I installed.


But I noticed that this SB700 Update does not work.


because When I put my SATA HDD driver to SATA PORT 04 or 05, that means these are SATA ports supports IDE platform even your driver SATA.


if you put your HDD driver to SATA1 port you will get error:

Still waiting for root device...


finally, after putting SATA04 port, I can install the my modified Leo4Allv4.1.

But I think that you can install the any AMD distro DVD with putting driver to SATAPort04 / 05


after installation , I am thinking that it seems slow, and I didnt expressed for performance.


because it seems there is a problem with communication with HDD and problem with bandwidth.


that is my experience.


I want to give details about bios config. disable firewire, enable HPET , Enable Virtualization.


on the other hand , I am thinking that it is not big problem BIOS only need AHCI if you have SATA drive and put your drive

port 04/05 to get IDE working SATA.


then you can install.


My PC is


Gigabyte MA-GA78GM-S2H Mainboard

AMD 5000+ CPU


SATA Samsung 320GB HDD.

USB Mouse and Keyboard.



I want help from Driver Programmers or anyone can say anything to get SB700 Working and HD 3200 onBoard Display Card working.


If we can do this, I think we will get real performance.


because I want to say , I put the device sata1 port and the booting is faster than sataport04(IDE).


How can we make driver to get working SB700 and HD 3200?

I dont want downgrade for HD 3200.

I want real performance.


Thanks for everyone who interest this topic and our problem;)

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