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m1330 endless reboot after 10.5.5 update over iAtkos v4.0i


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I managed to get iAtkos v4.0i installed on my dell xps m1330 by selecting the following options:

iatkos v4i main system

darwin x86 for mbr (non-efi)

kernel 9.2.0 toh


nforce sata




The install pauses for long periods, but it eventually completes & I have a working 10.5.4. I've tried various other options, including taking the 1st 2 default options, without getting a successful install.


now if I upgrade to 10.5.5 (not combo - and I do remove the power kext when it installs) I can no longer boot - the pc automatically reboots after a few seconds (somewhere around loading System.kext as far as I can tell - scrolls by too fast to read). I assume the problem is that I've wiped out the 9.2.0 ToH kernel.


I've reproduced the same reboot phenomenon on my dell xfr d630 (selecting the same options & then updating to 10.5.5)


what must I do to get the 10.5.5 update to work over iatkos v4.0i?

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same with me. i think we will need to wait for update from iAtkos uphuck team themself , although many users have successfully installed 10.5.5 update , but many have failed like this.


i thought iAtkos v 4i was perfect distro :lol: so closee...

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