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  1. HP UN2400 WWAN HELP

    I tried to get a firmware loader working under OSX, but no joy yet (for those who don't know the gobi, you have to load the firmware file before the WWAN will be recognized) - right now I can only get the gobi to work using an awful hack... 1) install vmware fusion, 2) create a win7 vm, 3) install the gobi driver in the win7 vm, 4) if the driver was made for your laptop, you can probably just run from the win7 vm - mine was not (Dell D630), so I had to d/l & run gobiloader (google "gobiloader windows 7") to get it to load the firmware file - at that point, the win7 vm recognizes the gobi wwan, & I can either connect from there, or suspend the vm & use the gobi in mac. every time I fire up the Mell (Mac Dell), I have to fire up the vm to run the loader again. sucks. note: to use the gobi on the mac side, I had to d/l & install a special kext - google "qualcomm gobi firmware uploader for mac" to find the driver (aka kext) - I installed w/kext helper, then substituted my vendor & product id in the gobi section of the info.plist in the kext (note: the kext installs in the IOUSBFamily plugins, and you have to convert the vendor & product id's to base 10). just fyi, the guy who posted the kext also has a firmware loader for the mac, but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to make it work. another fyi, I'm using hp's version 4 win7 driver (sp48568).
  2. Bibbidy, you saved me! I've been trying to install iAtkos 1.6.3 on my Dell 490 for months (on & off) & couldn't figure out how to see my sata drives (I have the Dell SAS 5/LSI SATA card like yours) - so I hex edited the iAtkos iso, & changed one digit of one of the existing hardware id's in the Info.plist you described (changed from 50 to 54), burned the modified iso & was able to install! Thanks!! (sorry to resurrect the post... but needed to share)
  3. CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Leopard

    After installing the latest IOPCMCIAFamily kext on my HP tc4400 w/iPC 10.5.6, my card slot works but I get an endless Restart/Sleep/Cancel/Shut Down prompt loop - is there something I can patch to get rid of this?
  4. I had iPC 10.5.6 working perfectly on my tc4400 - graphics, audio, ethernet, even bluetooth & tabletmagic - then, after applying updates (except 10.5.7) & installing openoffice, showdesktop & logmein, I lost bluetooth & tabletmagic (now I have to use the BT File Exchange trick to get BT to work, & I'm still not able to get tabletmagic to work again). Nothing in my Extensions folder changed, & restoring my saved kexts didn't get me working again. I'm gonna restore from backup & see if I can pinpoint the moment of failure - has anybody else had this happen? EDIT: figured out BT - after 10.5.6, I had paired my phone, & that's what killed BT startup - I deleted my paired phone, rebooted (BT radio was now on again), paired using the BT "send" option instead of the normal pairing routine, then BT stays on - looks like the BT pairing wizard kills the radio at startup EDIT2: figured out tabletmagic - unchecked "enabled" & "launch at startup", then clicked the "kill daemon" button, then re-checked "enabled" & "launch at startup" - now I have ink recognition in openoffice :-)
  5. Help me upgrade iATKOS 4i to 10.5.5

    he doesn't give out the link directly - you must pm him to get the link
  6. Help me upgrade iATKOS 4i to 10.5.5

    I finally gave up & used Mysticus C*'s combo update pre/post patches: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=109102&hl= here are my steps: 1) install iatkos 10.5.4 - remove gmax3100 kexts - reboot 2) run MC's pre-update patch 3) run combo 10.5.5 4) remove power & gmax3100 kexts 5) run MC's post-update patch (I selected the 9.2.0 ToH kernel & APIC kext) 6) boot from iatkos cd & use vi to cp all kexts from /backup* folder back into extensions folder 7) boot w/-v -f & wait for stop 8) reboot & finish installing drivers so now I have 10.5.5 & all drivers working
  7. Help me upgrade iATKOS 4i to 10.5.5

    gabrusch, do you have dsmos.kext referenced in your startup (1) script? krrr, maybe this is why your & my upgrade still fails with the endless rebooting - maybe we have to have this kext in the startup script (I currently do not have it) still endless rebooting - any ideas?
  8. I managed to get iAtkos v4.0i installed on my dell xps m1330 by selecting the following options: iatkos v4i main system darwin x86 for mbr (non-efi) kernel 9.2.0 toh sata nforce sata ntfs-3g The install pauses for long periods, but it eventually completes & I have a working 10.5.4. I've tried various other options, including taking the 1st 2 default options, without getting a successful install. now if I upgrade to 10.5.5 (not combo - and I do remove the power kext when it installs) I can no longer boot - the pc automatically reboots after a few seconds (somewhere around loading System.kext as far as I can tell - scrolls by too fast to read). I assume the problem is that I've wiped out the 9.2.0 ToH kernel. I've reproduced the same reboot phenomenon on my dell xfr d630 (selecting the same options & then updating to 10.5.5) what must I do to get the 10.5.5 update to work over iatkos v4.0i?