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want to install MacOS on HP 550


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Hi all!


Im newbie in installation mac os on pc...otherwise i want to do that.....


So Plz...HELP ME


I have notebook HP 550 ...& original Mac OS Leopard installation disk



CPU Mobile DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo T5270

MB Chipset Intel Crestline GME965 (BIOS Compaq 06.20.08)

VGA Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family (Intel GMA x3100 acceleration)

Sound Analog Devices AD1981HD @ Intel 82801HBM ICH8M

IDE Intel® ICH8M 3 port Serial ATA Storage Controller 2828

HDD Fujitsu MHZ2120BH G2 (Sata 2)

Lan Intel® 82562GT, WiFi Intel® Link 4965AG, Bluetooth

Monitor Samsung 154AT07-H01 15,4 LCD


What'ld I do, how & which distr should install...?

plz....give links for download , for read&learn...



and 'ld it work if I install on base BOOT132 & Chameleon with using original Leopard distr

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first if you want to use dualboot with vista you must get a gparted cd (you can google it)

also my advise is to use ideneb v1.3 dvd because it is very stable and it is the latest osx10.5.5 ...


and good luck :( if you try for once you couldn't get your self to try more...

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have any idea 'bout installing by original Leopard and boot 132(or other)?


how can i format HDD ('cause ... when installed by boot 132.... process needs select HDD part...& 've error (no apple partition)...Formating by disk utility (Mac os) extended (journal) did not solve this problem...What did i wrong?

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i solve this problem(partition must be only by GUID)


another problem....after install in first run...mac os not recognized own laptops keyboard....& id attach USB keyboard...& after recognizing this keyboard...& selecting region language....OS want my MAC information...after pressing "do not transfer my information now"....OS start again same registration..."recognizing keyboard,region,language"


what it that....& how can i solve it?

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I installed iDeneb 10.5.5 but i erased it and installed kaliway 10.5.2 because it boots faster, the problem at the first boot after pressing "do not transfer my information now" is apparently because there is no firewire. It's strange because this problem does not appear with iDeneb, or kaliway on other laptops.

I found on the forum the way to bypass the step:

Boot with '-s' at the first boot

type 'mount -uw /'

type 'passwd root' to create a root password and type the new password

type ' touch /var/db/AppleSetupDone' to bypass the configuration boot

type 'exit' to continue booting

Of course you will need to configure a new account and all your preferences after.


For the installation of kaliway on hp550 (mine is fs343AA), you need not to check any video drivers, and afterwards install leopardgraphicsupdate from the apple website, and without rebooting install the 2 kexts named "AppleIntelGMAX3100" and "AppleIntelGMAX3100FB" attached. It is special because the device id is 2a12 and not 2a02 as most of laptops.


For the sound, you need to download the installer from Amine http://rapidshare.com/files/142718687/Appl...DI1981.zip.html

but you will not have the headphones working.


I didn't manage to get the lan working, and the wifi (intel 4965) may be hopeless. I tried installing another hp wifi card (broadcom 4311) but the bios doesn't like it.


The powermangement works : it indicates the battery level and the sleep works. You may install the vanille kernel and follow the indications in the archive attached. The battery longs around 2 hours i don't know exactly.


The bluetooth works great "Out of the box".

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I confirm now lan(82562GT) and wifi working (change the pci-e card for a 4312 broadcom on ebay).

If someone is interested I will post the method.


Now just the jack is missing, and maybe the vga-out I didn't try.

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Este es un Combo .Kext especial para la HP 550 que prepare. el paquete incluye los siguientes drivers para:


LAN 82562GT


WiFi Broadcom 4312


Sound ADI1981


Video GMA X3100 0x2a12


;)  funciona 100% grantizado, yo uso una HP 550 tambien


lo pueden descargar aqui


HP 550 ComboKext by McGyver007



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Hola!.. Soy nuevo en esto del Hackintosh y tengo una HP 550. Ayer instale iATKOS v7 y luego de varias configuraciones logre que arrancara.. El unico inconveniente es la placa de video, ya que solo me reconoce 1024x768 de resolucion cuando en realidad tendria que ser de 1280x800. Mis preguntas son :


1) Como hago para instalar esos archivos del X3100 que subiste ?


2) Es posible que mi chip grafico no sea 0x2a12 ?


3) Si es afirmativa la respuesta a 2) como hago para saber si es 0x2a12 o 0x2a02 ?


Muchas gracias por dar soluciones a los usuarios de esta laptop. Saludos

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