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  1. CPU temps get higher after sleep

    Where do you get the patches from?
  2. CPU temps get higher after sleep

    Thanks for the chunk of code. I already compiled a new DSDT, gonna try this one when i'm home. EDIT: Does not work for me. When I add the code after the mentioned line I lose sleep. System gets to sleep, but when it wakes I see the BIOS screen and the system boots like it would after shutting it down. EDIT2: I finally fixed it. I dumped the DSDT from a linux, patched it and took out the whole RX40 part and copied it over in my working DSDT. Just dumping and patching broke my sound. Thank you for the help!
  3. CPU temps get higher after sleep

    I have installed PCI-Utils and lspci does not work. I get this output from lspci: asbestos:~ phantom$ lspci lspci: Cannot find any working access method. asbestos:~ phantom$ I use a DSDT from tonymacx86.com. Here is the link for the file: http://www.multiupload.com/MGX0C10K92
  4. CPU temps get higher after sleep

    asbestos:~ phantom$ kextstat | grep AppleLPC asbestos:~ phantom$ It does not seem to be loaded ... After loading it manually i get this output: asbestos:~ phantom$ kextstat | grep AppleLPC 113 0 0xffffff7f807e6000 0x3000 0x3000 com.apple.driver.AppleLPC (1.5.3) <9 5 4 3> asbestos:~ phantom$
  5. CPU temps get higher after sleep

    With imac11,1 I instantly have 50°C after boot and laggy graphics (until first sleep). (macpro3,1 = 40°C and no laggy graphics)
  6. CPU temps get higher after sleep

    Maybe there is a way to reload the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext? kextunload does not work... Did you have this problem on 10.7.1 too?
  7. Hi, I have a little problem with my PC. After first sleep the CPU temperatures get up by about 20°C. Normally the CPU temp is about 35-40°C on idle but after sleep this temp raises up to ~55°C. The temperatures are read with FakeSMC + iStat 3. Is this a known bug/problem? What is the cause? FakeSMC or maybe OSX's power management? My PC: Core i5-750 @ 3GHz (configured as MacPro 3,1, with 4,1 iStat does not show any temps) 12 GB DDR3 RAM Gigabyte P55-UD3L, BIOS FH with DSDT GeForce GTS 250 OS X 10.7.2 Bye
  8. Digital Output (optisch) nur im XBMC

    Ist ein Probelm mit den Kexten bzw. mit der DSDT. Hab exakt das gleiche Problem mit meinem P55-UD3L (ALC892) und hatte es auch mit einem P35-UD3L (ALC888). Schaue meine Filme mit XBMC und gut ist. Es geht auch mit QuickTime, musst nur Perian installieren und in den Settings auf Dolby ProLogic II stellen und dieser Anleitung folgen: http://www.cod3r.com/2008/02/the-correct-w...with-quicktime/ Gruß
  9. So VLC fully suports DTS passthrough with this sound card? Any drivers/kext installed, or does it work just out of the box? Can you choose the optical out as the default output for all programs and system sounds? Do iTunes and other software work without problems? Just want to be sure before buying this card. //EDIT: Do you have the SB1090 or SB1095 model?
  10. Hi, are you sure that this card can passthrough AC-3 and DTS via the SPDIF-Connector? In the german forum i've read that onle the analog outputs are working correctly.
  11. Chameleon auf "Real" MacBook?

    Schon mal nen PRAM / NVRAM Reset gemacht?
  12. I bought a used MacBook 13" some days ago, now I want to check if everything is working like it should. Does anybody know where I can get the Apple Hardware Test Disks to download? Thanks.
  13. Multi-Fu.-Gerät für MacOS SL-10.6.2

    Hab ein Epson Stylus SX405, ist etwas laut, aber funktioniert mit den mitgelieferten SL Treibern gut und zuverlässig. Gruß
  14. Performance Probleme Snow Leopard EP35 DS3P

    Ok, da haste recht... Welchen Player nimmst du für die MKVs? QuickTime mit Perian? Da hatte ich das gleiche Problem, mit VLC oder XMBC geht alles wunderbar. Gruß
  15. bestes mobo für snow leopard

    Jo 5.1 Sound funzt in Quicktime mit Perian und in XBMC (XboxMediaCenter). Alle anderen Programme unterstützen anscheinend kein 5.1 Passthrough unter SnowLeo (VLC, MPlayer). Unter 10.5.8 ging 5.1 Sound aber auch mit VLC. iTunes gibt Stereo aus, der Receiver leitet den Bass aber entsprechend auf den Sub um. Gruß