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applause are in order

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I realize that it's already been done by several people, but hey! it was an accomplishment for me. My laptop (a Toshiba A205-S5000) has the Intel GL965 chipset. it is an X3100 chipset, which from what I've seen has been known to be giving everyone hell who happens to have a GMAX3100 family chipset (that includes ALOT of computers...) As of right now, I have a 100% functional Windows XP install, which in and of itself was a chore because my laptop came with Vista out of the box, and it has a SATA hard drive. So to get XP running, I had to slipstream SATA drivers into a custom install disk, and then hunt down my drivers for XP. So thank God all the hardware on my computer is used on non Vista machines from other OEM's because Toshiba doesn't have the drivers on their website.

Leopard is about 95% functional (no WiFi, but everything else works perfectly) I installed OSX 10.5.5 via iDeneb, and after spending several days tearing through the forums, I finally found a fix to a display driver bug. Every time I would boot in normal (and after two or three boots in safe mod) I would always find myself looking at a white screen and have to reboot. I tried installing 10.5.1 using the Kalyway disc, and it worked like a charm except that I couldn't use my laptop screen. That got me thinking, and after someone sent me a patch to "fix" it, all it did was blue screen my external monitor, and make my laptop screen turn white. So I eventually figured out that the GMAX3100 driver was the problem and I simply deleted all the unnecessary drivers, reset the disk permissions and rebooted. voila! I am now the proud owner of a perfect dual booting Hackintosh.

But it's not over yet. After having to sort out an issue Windows XP not booting properly, I installed Ubuntu 8.04.1 on the third partition. Ubuntu is by far my favorite of the three operating systems, but there is something to be said for each, and therefor I have all of them. I have a couple of tweaks I need to do to each system to get them set up how I like, mostly aesthetic stuff like installing compiz on Ubuntu and Window Blinds on XP. I can't imagine I'll use Mac for anything except swapping Garage Band projects and files with fellow musicians, so I'm not too worried about it. I'm just stoked that I'm running a clean triple boot machine! Grub handles my booting, because I like how easy it is to use and I'm just more comfortable with Linux than I am with Mac, and I try to avoid Winblows as much as I possibly can. But alas... I am not the only one who uses my computer, and my wife can't seem to figure out Linux.

I am in the process of finishing the same setup on my desktop computer. Install went MUCH smoother on the desktop because it didnt' have any of the graphics card issues with Mac. It was really just a matter of backing up files and then moving partitions around. Like I said, I still have some tweaks to do (to both comps) but as soon as I finishing by GRUB boot menu on my desktop I will be able to--NO {censored}--boot into any of the three OS'es on either computer. Tomorrow I'll spend tweaking graphics cards, setting up networks and printers and stuff. Hopefully I can find a fix for my Atheros WIFI card for Mac.

I'll try not to break my arm patting myself on the back...

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Wow dude applause is in order!


Can you help me? I have the same laptop as yours?

How'd you do it? I attempted when i first got my laptop but failed somewhere, so i just reinstalled vista.


I want to attempt it again. I just want osx and use bootcamp for vista

I'm downloading iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 right now!

I would really appreciate some help.


Thank you!



edit: It's done downloading! Now it's time to burn.

btw I used this guide last time




Also I'm not sure what kexts I selected last time. Do you know which ones I should use?


Lame I need to go get some more DVD i'm all out!! Well hopefully you'll respond soon!


edit: it seems you were on today! yet no reply :)

i'm not sure if you read my post yet, i don't want to assume you read it and just ignored it.

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I have this laptop too. I used ideneb 1.3 to install and nthing would come up until i deleteed the gma3100 kexts, then it just loaded the generici video driver. everything works, but i can't seem to find a video driver that works.

what was your method for getting video to look nice? Was it in a post?

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Congrats on your victory I have the same computer toshiba sattilite A205-S5000 I used the iAtkos V 7 with charmelian 2 (sorry for spelling) and i was wondering do you or does any one have the ability to get the wireless card working in it? I uploaded the specs incase you forgot but I would love it if any one could help me get the wifi up and running if you cant please help with the ethernet. thank you all in advance


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