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Telcel (Mexico) offer PAYG iPhones


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What about em? The 16GB version is about 33€ cheaper over there than here in Belgium...

That $ sign they're using on that site, stands for pesos, not American dollars ;)

Yes, I clearly understood that. Roughly, that would be US$700 and US$815, respectively. While purchasing the phone under a Telcel contract would be more economical, their "unlimited" iPhone plan is still shockingly limited! Unlimited data but only 600 minutes of talk time and 300 text messages for about US$125/month? IMHO, it's still Yikes!


And for the record, we're all "Americans" over here... from the northern tip of Greenland to the southernmost point in Chile. As my chicano friends would say, "Somos Un Pueblo, Sin Fronteras! ¡Que Viva La Raza!" :)

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