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  1. I'll bet it does. But does your acer notebook sport an aluminum casing? Or a led backlit screen? Is it as light as the new Macbooks? Is the keyboard as good? Does it come with a nifty little remote? Can you update over time without having to worry that something will break? How about the battery? I simply cannot understand why people seem to think that a computer is as good as the sum of the hardware components. It just goes to show how us pc-users have come to accept the total lack of design and finish.
  2. Soliber

    Telcel (Mexico) offer PAYG iPhones

    Ow I didn't see that, my bad.
  3. Soliber

    Telcel (Mexico) offer PAYG iPhones

    What about em? The 16GB version is about 33€ cheaper over there than here in Belgium... That $ sign they're using on that site, stands for pesos, not American dollars
  4. Soliber

    MacBook touch Coming in October

    Zoom in, there is a grey circle on the top black bar, which should be the webcam...
  5. Soliber

    MacBook touch Coming in October

    I can't remember the fine details, but that entire description of "Apple wants to move these babies. And move they will", I've read it before. I think a year ago... So this could be a rehash of an old rumour, or something like that >_>
  6. Soliber

    September 9th Apple Event

    I wonder what will happen to the iPod Classic. All the buzz is about the Nano's and the Touch, which are both far to limited in storage capacity to accommodate my ever growing music collection >_>
  7. This has got diddly sh*t to do with protecting the average citizen, I'm afraid. I mean, let's face it, since when is piracy linked to mortal danger? This sounds like some clever lobbying to me.
  8. I agree, it seems like the American government is using "terrorism" as a justification to pass any law they damn well please. I mean, seriously, what kind of bs is this? Like Vizzy said, a border officer in a bad mood, could potentially be enough for you to lose your laptop for a couple of week. And I seriously doubt they will handle your stuff with care in the meantime, it's more likely your stuff will be severely abused. I think America should really start to wake up and smell the coffee. They are not the first nation that was struck by terrorists, nor will they be the last. But they do seem to be the first to introduce such draconian laws out of blatant fear and ignorance. I wonder where they will get the manpower to actually check all those laptops within "a reasonable time". And since you can store anything on anything these days, by day 3 they will have an entire warehouse of memorycards, usb sticks, laptops, music players, cell phones, CD's, floppies, DVD's and so on and so on. And how do they know if something is illegal or not? Do Americans have a crystal ball that allows them to see which song came from a bought CD and which came from bittorent? Same with movies? I suspect they didn't really think this through when this law was passed.
  9. No wonder there is a growing trend for despising America, with such an attitude >_> I do fully intend to stay over here though. @-MoC-: damn, the way you describe NY is the way I remember Istanbul. What is going on over there >_>
  10. I was thinking of going to NY for a second time in February, but seeing this, Amerika can go kiss my fury little butt. I'm really starting to think that that entire bloody country is going bonkers >_> I wonder, if they were to seize my iPod or my MBP, in what condition it would be returned to me...
  11. Soliber

    Soon the end of Windows?

    The death of Windows would send 90% of the business world into spasms >_> Though I do agree, it would be nice if they could just start all over from scratch and not haul along any previous mistaken decisions. But that's not what Midori is for, not anytime soon anyway >_>
  12. Soliber

    Soon the end of Windows?

    Atleast in the beginning, Midori won't be something for John Doe. For the moment, cloud computing is still something for the corporations and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  13. Soliber

    Psystar Hires Apple-Busting Law Firm

    Apple is not thinking about switching architectures, the rumours are about switching chipsets.
  14. Soliber

    Apple to start using proprietary chipsets (again)?

    Why would it be? Unless they use some custom chipset which bears no resemblance to anything else, it'll just mean that people with Nvidia boards might have it somewhat easier to install OS X86. I just hope Apple knows what they are doing, because if their entire line-up starts to suffer from Nvidia's {censored}, it'll be a friggin' fiasco.
  15. Soliber

    Apple to start using proprietary chipsets (again)?

    Dear sir, no chipset that Nvidia has produced the last 2-3 years has even remotely been great. The newest installment in "things that stink with Nvidia chipsets", is the video corruption bug, where when watching a video, you get loads of artifacts and as soon as you try to quit the videoplayer, the entire computer just freezes. Before that, it was data corruption issues. And now there seems to be something new: the onboard ethernet interface sometimes "crashes" for lack of a better word. After some time or so, the internet connection drops, CPU usage % sticks around 30% and the only thing that helps is rebooting.