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  1. Ghost In The Optical Drive?

    I've got a genuine MacBook and an iMac both that do that when running BOINC. I have no idea why.
  2. This method does work... extremely well. You will need to provide more detail for someone to help you. What hardware configuration are you using? What installation method/boot loader are you using? Exactly where along the process did you run into trouble? The more detailed the information you provide, the better chance someone can pinpoint what's going wrong.
  3. Did you not give it one during install or is it just not appearing? Do you have iMessage and FaceTime working correctly? In the off chance you or someone else needs this info, I'm just going to throw it out there: Regardless of which boot loader you choose to use, I'd also find and use Chameleon Wizard to generate the needed serial and UUID. I used version 4.4.1 in Yosemite. 1. Launch Chameleon Wizard. 2. Select the SMBios tab. 3. click "edit" in upper right hand corner * Pick a Mac model that matches your hardware the closest. (edit:forgot this step) 4. Generate a random week of manufacture & unique number 4. Copy Paste the resulting serial number into selfsolve.apple.com 5. Verify the serial is not black listed or already registered by Apple by receiving the following message ONLY: "We're sorry, the number you have provided cannot be found in our records. Please verify the number and try again, or contact us" Repeat if needed. 6. Write down your serial number. For your board serial number, just add any 5 alpha numeric characters at the end of your serial number. 7. Generate your UUID by using the "uuidgen" command in OS X Terminal... no command line flags. I did it several times before writing it down. With these three identifiers: serial number, board serial number, and UUID you will be able to use your config.plist configurator for whatever boot loader you are using. I use Clover.
  4. RealtekRTL8100-Binary

    AWESOME! Tested on Hackbook: (Chameleon 2.3-r2578) Lenovo U310 Touch, i5-3337U/HM77, Intel HD 4000 - 1366X768: OS X 10.10.2
  5. That Marriage dilemna...

    Not permissible? Um... my God is fine with {censored} marriage. So who's God are we going to exalt to state endorsed status? I am a man of faith, so were the Founding Fathers, as are many MANY Americans. A secular democracy grants all of us the freedom to conduct our lives in a manner most befitting our own personal beliefs and prevents the beliefs of others from being foisted on us. I am deeply alarmed by fundamentalism in any form. Throughout all recorded history, theocracies have been a cataclysmic disaster. They are unquestionably incompatible with and contrary to a democratic system of government. How any American can ask the question "Law of God or Law of man?" is beyond stunning. During the great Constitutional debates of the 1770's and 1780's, foreign visitors and dignitaries marveled at the level of understanding even the most common man had concerning the new democratic principles being worked out. Now, it seems, most Americans are content with reasoning out on their own what's in that document and why it's there without ever having read it. Instead, we bicker and argue over some nitwit idea that if you permit another the freedom to exercise their right you some how endorse their choice. We once enshrined the rights of the individual but now we seem content to worship the majority. If we are incapable of unplugging from pop-culture long enough to educate ourselves, perhaps we have already abandoned those principles that made us great. If so, we are destined to reminisce our glory and contemplate our folly long after there is nothing left worthy of survival. This issue is so much greater than the right of any two people to marry and be guaranteed the same rights as a couple and household. It speaks to the very core of our existence. If our great American Experiment is to have continued relevance in our modern age, we need to develop a much broader perspective.
  6. The health benefits alone would CHANGE the world!
  7. Snow Leopard Upgrade

    Previous version of SL? *laugh* I haven't done anything like that since the first deadmoo version of OSx86 Tiger. I do hear SL is coming out sooner rather than later. I was hoping maybe someone here might have the inside scoop on the Upgrade process.
  8. Snow Leopard Upgrade

    I know this is probably too early to ask, but any definitive answer on how this will actually work? We won't really be required to have Leopard already installed will we? There WILL be a way to "nuke and pave," right? I've heard talk that some aren't treating this as a whole new OS and contrary to their usual practice, they will actually be using the upgrade option for the first time ever. I've got my first MacBook running Leopard that is in need of a lobotomy... years of collected garbage from software I never ever use anymore to terminal hacking experiments long forgotten. I thought this might be as good a time as any to start fresh but I don't need the box set.
  9. Windows 7, an OS X and Linux killer?

    I totally agree. Both OS X and Linux could use a strong Redmond contender to spur on innovation. I think Microsoft has finally hit on a brilliant strategy. Instead of telling people Windows 7 is better... SHOW them. I can't help but think this LONG "beta" release is Microsoft's way of saying "God, we're sorry! Give us another chance! PLEASE!" It's certainly still Windows.. the same general clunky interface everyone knows and loves... just a little bit "better." My MacBook certainly doesn't freak out and try to levitate itself off my desk by revving the fan speeds up to 7,000,000 RPM as it does with Vista. Like Windows XP, I believe this version of Windows will gain a wide endorsement from consumer and corporate advocates alike. With Redmond finally gaining some ground, I look forward to Cupertino kicking it into high gear once again!
  10. That Marriage dilemna...

    Well, I have heard this argued but not by those pressing for the expansion of marriage rights. It really boils down to equal protection under the law as outlined by the constitution. {censored} people are forming families, whether they are allowed to marry or register as a civil union. They own homes together, raise children together, work to better their lives and the lives of their loved ones. While it does vary from state to state and some locations do a better job than others, these familiar units are rarely protected equally like their heterosexual counterparts. Inheritance rights, child custody, property rights, and taxation to name just a few are of real concern. They aren't asking for special rights. They are only asking for the rights extended to their heterosexual counterparts. I'll be honest, I'm not always comfortable with {censored} public displays of affection... other times, I have no problem with it at all. I'm a warm blooded American male, what can I say? But at least I have the sense to know that when I have a problem, it's MY problem not theirs. If a man and a woman can hold hands and exchange an affectionate kiss on the sidewalk, why am I allowed to say two men or two women shouldn't be afforded the same right? I have a strong moral ethic as I think most people do. I want the freedom to live my life accordingly. I also want the freedom to teach my children my values. Allowing others to do the same does not diminish my ability to do so. Allowing choice does not prevent me from doing so. Unless we want a closed and intolerant society where free thinkers and doers are punished for being different, I really don't see we have any alternative. Do you? The Constitution protects the individual from the majority... not the other way around. Think about it. "Majority rules" is a gross mischaracterization of how our society was set up. "Law rules" or better said, "the rule of law" is what it's all about. It's how we get to all that "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" stuff. If we insist on disenfranchising those we don't agree with for no other reason than we don't agree with them even though their actions in no way tread on our own rights, well, we've just taken the first step down a very dark road where our very survival as a democratic society is in peril. And may I just say here that the argument that homosexuals have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex just like everyone else is an insult to reason and logic. Um, it only works if you're a heterosexual now doesn't it? I honestly believe the vast majority of those who resist this tide of social evolution are good people but that they have been misinformed. Having carefully reviewed the arguments brought up in the Proposition 8 campaign in California, all I can say is what a travesty. The twisting of truth to win the hearts and minds of the voting public was absolutely obscene. And I really say that with full confidence. You can go down the list point by point and see where facts that would have clarified the situation were intentionally omitted just so they could feed fear and uncertainty. We really need to be guided by democratic principle and not the emotional or spiritual predilections of a vocal few. Call it libertarianism or constitutionalism, it does work. As we have burdened our system of government with ever increasing special interests, we can all see its effects. Instead of trying to legislate a moral consensus, we should return to the principles of individual freedom and personal responsibility that made us great. Anyway, I'll step down from my soap box. Sorry to run on and on like that.
  11. Fake info about Mac Mini?

    Gunth. I run them on a MacBook with half the ram, lower bus speed, and the craptacular GMA 950 graphics chipset without much complaint when I dock it with a gorgeous 24" digital display. You'll be more than fine with that setup, honest!
  12. Windows 7, an OS X and Linux killer?

    I totally agree. After my Macintosh SE days in college, I followed the crowd until I switched back to Mac in 2005... before Vista. I had high hopes Vista would raise the competitive bar and I was more than disappointed when it, quite literally, stumbled out of the gate. Now, I actually find myself intrigued contemplating what innovations might come from their newest entry in the OS race. Honestly, I think OS X innovation really slowed without a worthy competitor. I've been using Windows 7 for a while now in Parallels on a lowly MacBook. Even though it is running with only 1 gig of memory and without the benefit of all that Aero fluff, I have to give it to Microsoft. Windows 7 is definitely a much smoother and, dare I say it, more PLEASANT computing experience when compared to Vista running on the same hardware. My MacBook doesn't sound like a Boeing 777 powering up for takeoff, AMAZING! Same stale interface paradigm only slightly improved but the performance gains give me hope. If this really IS the last "Windows" OS, it won't be too shabby. No grand slam home run but a decent finish to an OS line that brought computing to the indiscriminate masses. With Microsoft finally pointed back in the right direction and Linux really coming into its own, we should all look forward to some amazing innovations in security, usability, and reliability!
  13. New RAM and a white macbook

    What model macbook do you have? My white macbook only supports up to 3GBs (2GBs officially). My understanding is only starting with the late 2007 models do you see support for up to 4GBs.
  14. Is new mac mini upgradable?

    Nah... there isn't anything funky. You'll be good to go with just the new drive and can install the OS from either a backup source or the disc that came with your mini.
  15. Apple keyboard

    *raises an eye brow* If you're 23, I really doubt your parents spent a whole lot of time with a typewriter. Yikes! How old do you think we really are?!!!! Don't answer that! *laugh* While I really do hate the keyboard, it's not because I hate the feel... it looks great, feels great... I've just never gotten used to it, probably because I have to spend so much time each day with a more traditional keyboard at work. After months of use, my fingers still stumble over the keys and my error rate is unacceptable. For those who don't touch type the way Mavis Beacon intended or spend the majority of their time on the Apple keyboard, I can see them loving it! Still, there are some ergonomic issues with Apple's designs I think they could easily address but for some strange reason just don't. I guess it will mess up their clean line design or something.... form over function has ALWAYS been an issue with Apple keyboards and mice.