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Having problem saving JPG files ins Photoshop CS4


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Is there anybody having problems on saving JPG files with PS CS4?


I've done some tests yesterday with CS4 in a macbook and two hackintoshes. In macbook, no problems, everything works fine. But on hackintoshes I have this:

- Open any file in PS CS4, edit, save as JPG.

- JPG doesn't open in quicklook (space bar) and in finder's preview. Finder resets on any try.

- JPG doesn't open in preview.app (app opens but doesn't show the image).

- I can't attach the JPG in an email or even in Adium. But can be opened in PS again.

- This problematic JPG can be opened in macbook and every other machine. Can be opened in Forefox too (any machine).

- PS CS3 doesn't work anymore. Even if I try to uninstall CS4 and install CS3 again, it crashes when I try to open.

- Result: CS3 is dead and CS4 gives me JPG that can't be previewed.


Macbook running Leopard.

My hackintosh is running iatkos 4i 10.5.4, the other one is running Kalyway 10.5.2.


Photoshop CS4 m379 V2 (torrent from piratebay).


Any help?

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