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  1. Thanks! Seems to be working! \o/
  2. I extracted it with Chameleon wizard. Is that ok? dsdt.zip
  3. My system is working perfectly, now... except on one thing. When it sleeps, it can't be awaken anymore. I need to reset it to start using again. Any idea? Thanks again!
  4. It's working, Fabio! I installed Mavericks and it's running smootly. I just had to add some kexts... Thank you!
  5. Here it is, all my bios settings and a snapshot of the last screen on -v. It stops in this screen for about 3 minutes before goes to the gray screen with the spinning color ball. Maybe bigger is better
  6. Well, I did the installation with MultiB and it worked fine. But I could not boot after that. All I got was a black screen with a cursor blinking. So I came back to Chameleon installation. Using PCIRootUID=0 GraphicsEnabler=Yes flags, it freezes right before the screen that chooses the language, it's a gray screen with a color spining wheel (mouse pointer).
  7. After 3 trials, it finally entered the installation screen! Crossing fingers that everything runs fine. Thanks!
  8. Sorry, Carbo178. I already tryied all the possible flags and none solved the problem. Is it a problem with the graphic card? What if I change it for some other? Thanks!
  9. Still with the black screen. When I use GraphicsEnabler = Yes, I have a gray screen. I read a topic at TonyMac that says: Do I need GraphicsEnabler Injection or Not? GraphicsEnabler=No All ATI/AMD Radeon 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, Rx-200 NVIDIA GeForce 640+, 7xx, TITAN GraphicsEnabler=Yes ATI Radeon 4xxx NVIDIA GeForce 9xxx, 2xx, 4xx, 5xx NVIDIA GeForce 610-630 So, I think I have to use "YES". But is still freezing on gray or black screen.
  10. Same problem, Fabio. But now I got a black screen.
  11. Hi. I've been trying to install Mavericks on my desktop but had no success at all. It always stop on a logo screen with spinning wheel, or then in a light grey screen followed by a dark grey screen. I used to run Leopard in this machine, when I had a GeForce 8800GS. This board died this week so I changed it to a GeForce GT 630, then it doesn't worked anymore. Same problem, I get stucked on a grey screen. Well, I already tried almost everything: Graphics Enabler=yes, and all other flags. The same problem happens with Chameleon and [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. I'm attaching the last screen with -v option right before the light grey screen. - Asus P5K Premium - Quad 6600 - 4Gb RAM - GeForce GT 630 Thanks!
  12. Has anybody installed Snow Leopard on any Asus P5K Premium?
  13. 8800GS 384mb

    Just find out what was the problem. I changed the DVI-D port and everything is working fine.
  14. I had to reinstall everything and use just CS3, now.
  15. 8800GS 384mb

    I did it, but didn't deleted any kext. Just runned Nvinject again an selected vanilla. Now system profiler shows me the right vram. Tks! But I have another problem: I calibrated my monitor with Color Plus from Colorvision (also known as Spyder or Spyder2 from Pantone). I use to work with Lightroom, Photoshop and Capture One (photography) and is very important to me having a well calibrated monitor. When I go to Sys. Preferences/Display/Color and change the profiles, the screen doesn't change the colors as it should and as use to happen when I do in my other hackintosh using 8600GT. But, in Capture One, the pictures changes the colors and in Lightroom, it's windows changes the colors and the picture seems that don't. A very strange behavior. Seems that 8800gs doen't have a good relation with ColorSync or something like that. Somebody can do some tests like that?