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help with mac hd


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I am going to have to reinstall my osx86 and i have backed up a few things using ubuntu but it will not let me get into the documents and music and stuff and i need to get the stuff out of there. How can i get into it? it keeps saying i dont have permission and has an x on the folders.


I want to reinstall with leopard but kalaway and the jas server one both stop at verbose and another jas one got to the grey apple screen and poped up with a little red no sign :(





Cpu: pentium d 2.66ghz

Motherboard: ecs elitgroup pa1 mvp v2

Ram: 2 gigs corsair select

Video: sapphire ati radeon 512mb x1550 (id 0x7183)

HD1:250 gig Maxtor Vista ultimate

HD2: 160 gig Western digital Mac osx86 jas 10.4.8 amd intel sse2 sse3 ppf1 2 and Ubuntu 8.04

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You're trying to access your OSX Home Folder in Ubuntu, correct?


Your OSX Home folder can only be accessed by either your Mac account, or by root. Since root is universal, you have to open it as root in Ubuntu. Here's what you have to do - go into Terminal, and type this:


sudo nautilus


Enter your password, and Nautilus, the file manager, will come up. Now try accessing your OSX Home folder. Now it cooperates and lets you in, eh? (or should at least)


Only problem is that you have to be Root to open it. If you want to change that setting to "everybody", right click on the protected folder and go into properties for it, and change the Permission settings to what you want :moil:


Hope this helps,



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