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  1. So this thing has a wireless built on to the board but i cant figure out what name to look up for it. It probably wouldnt work anyway but id like to give it a shot anyway. Also i foud a admtek nc100 ethernet card to try out. Whatcha think.
  2. Falls to my knees and screams NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Ok well what about the internet?? Its a little desk top and yeah i think your right. I think its nforce. I had to look up the specs for it and i saw nvidia mcp51 but saw the other on something else and ive had to much coffee today so im LITTLE NUTS! lol Yeah is crappy hardware but a friend of mine had to be taught a lesson. He didnt think i could put osx on anything except macs also i had to show him that win 7 will run on an old computer with a single core cpu and 512mb of ram. Oh well heres the thing. I am using the nforce.kext and the ethernet is working its just not wanting to connect to the internet. Sorry for the confusion about the realtek stuff.
  3. Hey Every body! So i installed kalyway 10.5.2 on a hp slimline s7600n. It installed fine but for some reason i cant get the internet to work. It shows a green light by ethernet and yellow by network and red for everything else. Im also not able to connect to the modem/router which is a motorola NVG510. The motherboard is a asustek Pyrite-GL8E. I think the ethernet is Realtek RTL8201CL. Im also having problems with the video. It can only do 1024x768 Its not a big deal yet but i want to be able to play minecraft soon. Its a GeForce 6150 LE 256mb 64-bit Ram is 1 gig and the cpu is a amd athlon 64 dual core 2ghz I feel like i may be missing some info. Any help would be great. Thanks .
  4. Kalyway 10.5.2 on HP Slimline PC

    Hi i got a hp slimline s7600n and it installed fine but it has been at the boot screen for 15 min now. its not froze or anything the gears are spinning and all. i took the hard drive out and put it in my other pc and it worked i had to do the set up for the keyboard and name and all that jazz. then i put it back in the slimeline and its still booting........ 5min later..... still booting...... oh im also using the kalyway 10.5.2
  5. x1300/x1550

    Thanks for the reply but just making sure here. When you said if you have a desktop no hope you meant laptop right? Would anyone else like to confirm that this kext works. This is the first i heard about it. I have like i dont know how many threads asking about this card and nothing about this kext. I think someone had told me about some natit thing but it totaly crashed my osx. so i had asked what is the best ati card or just most compatible for osx. Id like to change that question to. What is the most combatiable pc parts for osx? That will work with out a problem. or close to it.
  6. x1300/x1550

    Is there any drivers for the x1300/x1550 yet? also what is the best ati card or just most compatible for osx?
  7. Making back up

    I know i use disk utility. Do i make an image of my mac hd and what settings do i use? whats best? If i mess it up like i did a few weeks ago. Do i just use my install disk and go into the disk utility and restore with the image?
  8. Im having a bit of a different problem with my time. When im in windows it will say like 11:02 pm and when i boot into mac it will say 6:02pm. If i change the time on mac and boot back into windows the time will do the same thing except reverse win will say 6. Its crazy. Is there a fix for this?
  9. help with mac hd

    Thanks a lot man that helped
  10. help with mac hd

    I am going to have to reinstall my osx86 and i have backed up a few things using ubuntu but it will not let me get into the documents and music and stuff and i need to get the stuff out of there. How can i get into it? it keeps saying i dont have permission and has an x on the folders. I want to reinstall with leopard but kalaway and the jas server one both stop at verbose and another jas one got to the grey apple screen and poped up with a little red no sign Cpu: pentium d 2.66ghz Motherboard: ecs elitgroup pa1 mvp v2 Ram: 2 gigs corsair select Video: sapphire ati radeon 512mb x1550 (id 0x7183) HD1:250 gig Maxtor Vista ultimate HD2: 160 gig Western digital Mac osx86 jas 10.4.8 amd intel sse2 sse3 ppf1 2 and Ubuntu 8.04
  11. Need to know

    I have a plan for backing stuff up now. i just need to know why it says still waiting on root device. its the JaS.OSx86.10.5.4.Client.Server.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.iso. it gets to the screen where its loading everything and says there is an error with the firewire and something about switching to full secure mode then says still waiting on root device and keeps sayin it.
  12. Need to know

    im already using macdrive. the thing is im out of room on my windows hd :S.... but what about the problem with the still waitin on root device? thanks for the reply. i was gettin lonely
  13. Need to know

  14. Need to know

    Anyone got any ideas?
  15. Need to know

    well i thought i would check to see if the disk i burned would work. im tryin to use the JaS.OSx86.10.5.4.Client.Server.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.iso it trys to load up then it says error firewire not secure switching to full secure or something like that then sits there a while then says still waitin on root device and it keeps sayin that. i had to use ubuntu to burn the image. does someone think that may be a problem or maybe it just didnt burn right that time or what idk.