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Will this work?

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i used cpuz it gives me a list of MMX,SSe,SSE1,SSE2,SSE3,EM64T its intel pentium D 925

1.5gb ram


intel ® family chipset onboard graphics ...groan

onboard sound...groan

150gb hard disk will this run leopard

motherboard foxconn

2 cores

motherboard model lucknow

i used sisoft sandra for benchmarking

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Why would it fail?! Those components are compatible with most osx86 dvds. Your pentium d is not very compatible though, but it will work with a patched kernel.


Why? Because every new person here asks the same darn question. Will this work with my hardware? Guess what? Nobody has a frickin' clue. All computers are different. JUST TRY IT AND FIND OUT AND TELL US HOW IT WENT.



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