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vaio internal sreen edid problem link


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actualy in vaio laptop webcam;backlight screen and some keyboard fonction are not enable and those with all kind of driver and because they are linked to screen detection and also laptop display kext don t work on vaio

i saw linux user dont have the problem so did they have the solution for osx .i don t know linux language i mean the problem is we need a kext for vaio to detect the edid i think the manufacturer from the screen should phoenix maybe we had asking them or can it be a problem of dlna i think we must find someone who know osx and linux system to find the solution or someone who know how to code injecter with adress 0 for the screen

can it be a bios problem:don t know can it be smbios problem :in osx description i read macbookpro are able to find themselves internal screen but i can never made mine recognized

like this and not a lot applesmbios work on my machine

i wish hope to all of us in finding help


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my point is, the sony pi stuff is for getting the function keys to work (backlight, volume, etc.). These are simply mapping acpi events/controls to keyboard input. It does not appear to have ANY thing to do with our detection issues.

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Looks like a good start, but we need to update it with the work that others have already done: adding important ACPI commands like SODV (switch output device) and GDDI (get desktop display interface?).


Maybe try something like with no external screen plugged in, execute the command to send SODV '1' or whatever is necessary to switch to internal display. This could be accomplished remotely or with some kind time delayed script.


Also, does anyone know what clicking Detect Monitors in the system preferences does? Maybe we need to send the command, and then allow the computer to update what interfaces it sees as available.


Finally, will we also need to change the EDID for the internal LCD?

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have toshiba p25 (p20 series) and have same problem as vaio users. geforce 5200 fx go 32 MB. Think the problem is:


1. Laptop have soft EDID meaning EDID is injected with the windows drivers. Can you confirm this using softMCCS under windows? (The thing you should look for is DDC communication failure, and/or software monitor enumeration)


i have this in my log


21:25:25.09331...Found device on NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5200

21:25:25.09332...Monitor ID = NVD Nvidia Defaul

21:25:25.09333...Raw EDID = 00FFFFFFFFFFFF003AC40009000000002D0C010380201400EAA8E099574B92251C50540000000101




21:25:25.46834...Error: failed to obtain driver output mask




21:25:27.18738...NVD0900 on NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5200 does not respond to DDC/CI


21:25:27.1873A...Software monitor enumeration

21:25:27.1873B...Monitor #1: NVD Nvidia Defaul



2. try NVidiaEFI.kext version 1.2.3 and boot with -v flag. Look at the output of the driver. my toshiba reports HEAD B display, and apple looks for primary display at HEAD A, thus we see vga and external monitor working with full qe/ci.

Another thing you should investigate using this kext is that it recognizes internal display and switches to full resolution, waits ~5 sec, and again goes on external display. (I have turned off display stretching in bios so i can see when the display goes fullres)


if you confirm those two, then writing the driver mentioned in previous posts .... think it wont help.


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I'm still hoping to see some progress with this. Maybe if we revive interest in it some work can get done. I think graphics driver support is necessary to get snow leopard working on VAIOs (but I could be wrong, let me know if you have it working).

Here is my log from softMCCS:

17:23:12.55937...Found device on NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT

17:23:12.55938...Monitor ID = NVD Nvidia Defaul

17:23:12.55939...Raw EDID = 00FFFFFFFFFFFF003AC40002000000002D0C010380201400EAA8E099574B92251C50540000000101




17:23:12.7183A...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string from driver

17:23:12.8293B...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string length from OS

17:23:13.0833C...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string from driver

17:23:13.1953D...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string length from OS

17:23:13.5533E...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string from driver

17:23:13.6653F...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string length from OS

17:23:14.12540...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string from driver

17:23:14.23641...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string length from OS

17:23:14.23642...NVD0200 on NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT does not respond to DDC/CI


17:23:14.23744...Software monitor enumeration

17:23:14.23745...Monitor #1: NVD Nvidia Defaul


Is there a way we can create a patched DSDT to work around this problem. If the driver is recognizing the external display but switching to external, maybe we could hide the external display support.

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i see that the report has some problem with the capabilities... i found this info on my sony vaio vpccw21:



PCI Configuration Space (Segment:0000 Bus:01 Device:00 Function:00)

Common Header:

00: VendorID 10de Nvidia Corporation

02: DeviceID 0a75

04: Command 0007 IOSpaceEn MemSpaceEn BusInitiate

06: Status 0010 CapList

08: RevisionID a2

09: ProgIF 00 VGA

0a: SubClass 00 VGA Compatible Controller

0b: BaseClass 03 Display Controller

0c: CacheLineSize 0010 BurstDisabled

0d: LatencyTimer 00

0e: HeaderType 80

0f: BIST 00

10: BAR0 e2000000

14: BAR1 d000000c

18: BAR2 00000000

1c: BAR3 e000000c

20: BAR4 00000000

24: BAR5 0000d001

28: CBCISPtr 00000000

2c: SubSysVenID 104d

2e: SubSysID 9072

30: ROMBAR 00000000

34: CapPtr 60

3c: IntLine 10

3d: IntPin 01

3e: MinGnt 00

3f: MaxLat 00

Device Private:

40: 9072104d 00000000 00000000 00000000

50: 00000001 00000001 0023d6ce 00000000

60: 00036801 00000008 00807805 00000000

70: 00000000 00000000 0002b410 012c8de0

80: 00002910 00052d02 1101014b 00000000

90: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000010

a0: 00000000 00000000 00000002 00000000

b0: 00000000 01140009 00000000 00000000

c0: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

d0: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

e0: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

f0: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000


60: CapID 01 PwrMgmt Capability

61: NextPtr 68

62: PwrMgmtCap 0003 Version=3

64: PwrMgmtCtrl 0008 DataScale:0 DataSel:0 D0


68: CapID 05 MSI Capability

69: NextPtr 78

6a: MsgCtrl 64BitCapable MultipleMsgEnable:0 (0x1) MultipleMsgCapable:0 (0x1)

6c: MsgAddr 0

70: MsgAddrHi 0

74: MsData 0


78: CapID 10 PCI Express Capability

79: NextPtr b4

7a: Express Caps 0002 Type:Endpoint

7c: Device Caps 012c8de0

80: Device Control 2910 MRR:512 NS ap pf ET MP:128 RO ur fe nf ce

82: Device Status 0000 tp ap ur fe nf ce

84: Link Caps 00052d02

88: Link Control 014b es CC rl ld RCB:128 ASPM:L0s&L1

8a: Link Status 1101 SCC lt lte NLW:x16 LS:2.5


b4: CapID 09 Vendor Specific Capability

b5: NextPtr 00


Enhanced Capabilities:

100: CapID 0002 Virtual Channel Capability

Version 1

NextPtr 128


128: CapID 0004 Power Budgeting Capability

Version 1

NextPtr 600


600: CapID 000b Unknown Capability

Version 1

NextPtr 000





look in the 000b Unknown capabilyty ?? perhaps something to do with the black internal screen problem ?? also reading the nvidia freebsd driver i found these lines :




* Option: Mobile


* Description:


* The Mobile registry key should only be needed on mobile systems if

* SoftEDIDs is disabled (see above), in which case the mobile value

* will be used to lookup the correct EDID for the mobile LCD.


* Possible Values:


* ~0 = auto detect the correct value (default)

* 1 = Dell notebooks

* 2 = non-Compal Toshiba

* 3 = all other notebooks

* 4 = Compal/Toshiba

* 5 = Gateway


* Make sure to specify the correct value for your notebook.



#define __NV_MOBILE Mobile




i think that nvidia knows about softEDID and give us a tool to fix it.. bue only for freebsd driver.. any programmer have any idea???

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